What Game Are You Playing?: Redefine Success And Achieve What Matters

What Game Are You Playing?: Redefine Success And Achieve What Matters

What Game Are You Playing?: A Framework for Redefining Success and Achieving What Matters Most

Now some of you may be wondering, or even asking yourselves, why is it that most of your goals and objectives are never met? “Success” never achieved? Setting a goal may appear to be the final result for some, but objectives must be followed through on every day. These four (4) steps, if followed diligently, will ensure that you attain your objectives and gain success, but it will always be difficult work.


How many times have you heard that creating objectives is the key to success? It will probably come as no surprise to you that there is a lot more to success than simply setting goals.

Setting objectives is an important component, if not the most important part, of bbeing”Successful” according to most of us. If that were true, a lot more of us would be millionaires, performers, parents, and so on. Just come with Me, as in this article, I’ll show you why so many people fail to reach their goals and how to succeed in every situation.

Steps To Follow

1. Understand who you are and what you want to achieve.

Who hasn’t pondered who they are and why they’ve come to town? Someone who knows the answers to these two questions is behind every narrative of long-term success:

* Who really are you?
* What are your objectives?

The inner knowing that you will get what you want is the source of success. To do so, you must first understand who you are and what your purpose is. If you don’t, you may achieve your goal but be unable to maintain it.

2. What is the best way to set a goal?

Setting a goal is a procedure that begins with a realistic aim, need, or desire. You must first decide on the following:

*What exactly are you looking for?
*What do you want to be when you grow up?
*What is your position, profession, or qualifications?

A goal can be any want, wish, or need that can be met by action.

The aim is then broken down into little specific phases or tasks. Achievable goals are those that you have some control over and can track your progress toward. Long-term life-changing goals are achieved through a series of short and medium-term actions taken one at a time.

3. What are the next steps I need to take today?

“What steps do I need to take today?” is a question you should ask yourself every day. By now, everything should have been prepared in advance, so double-check your schedule and make sure you’re following it every day. If you find that more processes are required, include them in the plan.

4. What happens if something goes wrong?

If achieving goals was simple, everyone would be wealthy. Goals are difficult because they force you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. To be successful, you must overcome your fear of failure and take calculated chances. Expect setbacks; they are an inevitable part of the process.

You are wasting your time if you are not willing to take action toward your objectives. True success stems from the acts we all take on a daily basis. Using goals guarantees that all of your actions are leading you in the right way. Daily or weekly reviews keep you on track, and following these basic guidelines will help you meet your objectives and in achieving success.


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