Want: True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications

Royce Amy Morales

“Captivating, personal story exploring the magnet of soulmate connection and the challenging journey it presents from the subconscious influence of past lives.”
Post written by Royce Amy Morales

Want escorts the reader down a rabbit hole of inner discovery as the teacher becomes a student of her own teachings. Traversing lifetimes of inner battles and core programmed issues spanning millennia, she learns the true purpose of soulmate relationships: To awaken us to our true selves.

This book’s unique perspective on spiritual and metaphysical concepts offers thought provoking insights that can enlighten, inspire and change lives.

Written in first-person narrative, Want presents information derived from the author’s transformational Perfect Life Awakening teachings. This trailblazing work has been shared with thousands from all walks of life since 1978.

The Story

Until Richard saunters into her classroom, this spiritual teacher could swear she is happy. Passionate about doing meaningful work, utterly in love with her husband of almost eight years, she is living the life of her dreams. 

For ten years she has been teaching others the empowering, transformative inner processing work that she received intuitively. Students would discover their true purpose by resolving self-sabotaging, subconscious programming from this or previous lifetimes.

Book cover of Want, a book written by Royce Amy Morales

Want: True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications

by Royce Amy Morales

The new Tuesday evening class was packed with twelve students and ten chairs. A forty-something man wearing a bright yellow flowered shirt arrives late. He finds a spot on the carpet, plunking himself down mere inches from her feet. Absently tossing handfuls of trail mix into his mouth, some lands on the floor. He makes no attempt to clean up his mess.

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Oddly, she feels magnetically drawn to him.

As he introduces himself, she is compelled to stare directly into his clear blue eyes, unable to focus on anything he is saying. 

His face is permanently inscribed with a look of cynicism; his words seethe with attitude. Suddenly, she feels her eyes slightly cross, a sign that she is tuning into something energetically. Consciously putting her logical mind aside, she opens her awareness.

Like glimpsing a subliminal message flashing on a movie screen, all at once an image shadows his face. This pale skinned blond man transmutes to a dark skinned Native American male wearing a single feathered headdress. 

She rubs her eyes, shakes her head, tries to reorient to this reality. The image remains, stuck like a plastered mask.  

Although it is not uncommon to feel unwarranted recognition toward a student, never has one been so extreme. Time stood still as she recalled a past life memory as a female Native American. Clear details had answered numerous questions about why her present life is the way it is. Even why she is a teacher. 

But this is different. She has never seen an image appear on anyone’s face. She tries to rationalize the experience, debates as to whether she should casually ask where do I know you from?  Yet, this is no ordinary event, and she is clueless as to what to do with it. 

Want: Eventually, the image blurs like an airbrushed painting and vanishes.

Richard spends the rest of the class questioning every concept she presents. Not from trying to understand what she is espousing, rather attempting to contradict her discoveries as to how life works. Eye-rolling students become visibly annoyed at his argumentativeness.   

This teacher has skillfully dealt with countless skeptics. But whenever this man’s right eyebrow raises with incredulity, it feels like a personal attack. Words sputter, face reddens, she breathes slowly attempting to calm down. 

Abruptly, she has an out of character thought: “How dare you ask those ridiculous questions? You know the answers far better than I do!” 

Trying to be appropriate, she muzzles those instincts, wondering what could possibly be going on with this yellow-shirted stranger.

Another thought intrudes, this time from her higher consciousness: This man is your soulmate. Goosebumps from head to toe envelop her, a physical confirmation of truth.  

She knows the importance of listening to and trusting intuitive guidance, remembering that she has never been misled by her inner knowing.

Without realizing this will be the rollercoaster ride of her life, she chooses to trust whatever unfolds.

Afterall, she is not even sure what the idea of soulmate actually means. 

Soulmate relationships is an ongoing predictable question from her students. She answers with a brief explanation that we are all connected spirits, none more special than others.

Always open for deeper understanding, she decides to have an open mind. Perhaps there are more levels she needs to discover about soulmates. 

This begins a journey that takes her places she never anticipated. By exploring the spiritual as well as the physical aspects, she busts commonly accepted spiritual truisms and cliched notions. Her undeniable personal experiences expose myths of eternal, soul-connected relationships and gets to the truth about ‘finding one’s other half.’

Book cover of Want, a book written by Royce Amy Morales

Want: True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications

by Royce Amy Morales

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