Traffic Secrets: (10) Hidden Secrets For Driving Quality Traffic

Russell Brunson
The Underground Playbook

Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers

Do you want to learn the Internet’s best kept secrets for driving “Quality Traffic” to your website? From my current research, I came to find out that, only a few web traffic experts are aware of the most closely guarded secrets.

They make a lot of money year after year with their code, which they carefully guarded and never released.

Number of Visitors

Have you for once gone to Similar Web and type in particular website address to see the number of visitors they get on a monthly basis? for some of you who have done, hope you know what I’m talking about?

Most at times you see, ranging from thousands to millions, even up to billions in some cases. And what if your own website is been checked and gets thousands even up to millions, not just traffic but traffic that converts, how would you feel? Again do you want to learn the Internet’s best kept secrets for generating “Quality Traffic” to your website? Like I said earlier.

Now many of these web experts do not work as hard as some of us do and do not spend as much money on advertising as some of us do, yet their income is unequalled. Below are the ten (10) Secrets I just cracked, (Hidden Secrets) that are yet to be revealed!

Read on to learn more.

Steps To Follow

  • Present unique contents to your viewers. It’s not so awful if you buy articles from other authors and link back to them, but there’s no guarantee that those authors won’t sell the same pieces to other publishers or competitors. Then, it’s critical to supply your visitors with unique and relevant content that isn’t available elsewhere. Visitors will flock to your website if you are the only source of information, even not for all, but for some particular products and services and will decide to buy from you if not all the time.
  • Attempt to provide them with free desktop applications that they may download from your website. It will be a fantastic idea to entice your visitors to your site if the program is free (or inexpensive to buy) and extremely useful to their PCs.
  • Allow them to participate in free sweepstakes or other free competitions, most times this helps as after the free service you’ll then up-sell them with no stress. In fact, many people would like to visit your site for no other reason than to earn money in exchange for their own enjoyment. If you have a well-thought-out approach for meeting your visitors’ demands, you will gain their trust in your website.
  • Create a directory that is vitally linked to other websites that are related to your own website or to other websites that are related to the topics that your targeted traffic is interested in. People will usually come to your site since it contains the most information. A domestic consumer, for example, might prefer to visit a large supermarket where he/she could locate practically all of the products they require under one roof rather than driving and parking their automobile from one location to another to purchase various items.
  • Allow your site visitors to sign up for your free email newsletter (also give them the possibility to opt out anytime they want). People are always looking for free information that is provided to them on a daily basis via email so that they may save time and money by not having to look for it everywhere, and in the process use the chance to include a sales page.
  • Create a community on your website by hosting a forum. People enjoy getting together on a specialized website where they can discuss a specific issue with others who share their interests. This is very important, as ideas can come from there even recommendations to your products or services by some users as well.
  • Provide a no-cost internet service. If you can address their specific online needs, such as a free email account at domain, a free hosting service where they can post their photos and music, and the ability to download free e-books, all of these things will help you succeed online.
  • Provide your guests with the most recent news, weather forecasts, stock and currency index updates, and daily Bible verses.(So much important) For example, If your site talks to visitors about “Adsense,” it’s a good idea to give them “Niche Keywords” on a daily basis. Allowing them to bookmark your site is also an amazing way to get them to visit your site on a regular basis. And as you know this aid sales in most cases.
  • Provide them with complimentary product samples or a free trial of your service. Have you ever been to a supermarket and had a merchandiser offer you a free sample of one of their food items? This identical principle will bring a large number of people to your website.
  • One of the most popular strategies is to establish an affiliate program. People are always looking for new ways to make money, so if you have a well-structured plan in place for how to start up an affiliate network on your website, do you know affiliates, I mean the good ones, permit Me to use that word, can help bring a lot of sales to your products and services? If all this are set up correctly then your success will be inevitable.

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Traffic Secrets: (10) Hidden Secrets For Driving Quality Traffic

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Traffic Secrets: (10) Hidden Secrets For Driving Quality Traffic

by Russell Brunson

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