Tools For Marketing Books

Tools for Marketing Books

Tools for marketing books using A.I. are easily available now. The technology is so incredible and amazing. They have become so accessible online at the disposal of authors.
These book marketing tools are for both writing and publishing their original work.
Struggles with getting the attention of mainstream publishers are a thing of the past thanks to advances in technology geared specifically towards self-publishing writers.
Do you how the power of AI can be used for marketing books?
Sell More Books with AI

Best Tools for Selling More Books

These technological advances make it possible for indie authors to navigate social media marketing and avoid PR agencies while still getting their books directly in the hands of readers everywhere.

Writing the book can be hard enough, figuring out actually selling it is a whole other issue.

Now thanks to an artificial intelligence marketing tool called Book Blaster, it is easier than ever for indie authors to sell their work to real readers.

Do Less Work Sell More Books
Sell More Books with AI
Tools for Marketing Books

5 Tips For Marketing Books with AI

Is Book Blaster Just for Indie Authors?

The simple answer is no, even seasoned marketers have been taking advantage of the A.I. technology from Book Blaster to help promote their clients’ books.

Success Book Promotions

They know, more than anyone, how many steps there are and how much work goes into successful book promotion so it’s no surprise that marketing agencies are also using Book Blaster. It is the easy button for any book promotion.

Promote Unlimited Books

Whether it’s your first book or your fifth, this amazing tool also allows for the promotion of unlimited books! This is why professionals are turning to it; it generates instant, effective advertising campaigns that you can edit as you like and then gets them to potential readers without endless and tedious work on your part.

How Does It Work?

Promoting a new book can be tricky and overwhelming, there are lots of different aspects to manage including creating an online presence, generating email and social media promotions, and developing advertisements. Book Blaster actually does that all for you and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional publisher or marketing agency. This A.I. marketing assistant tool makes self-publishing easy, so your work can get into the hand of the readers, where it belongs.

Self-Publishing Struggles

Previously, self-published authors would struggle for months or even years after finishing their book, working hard to get their book noticed and producing mediocre sales. Now that the one-click marketing software technology of Book Blaster exists, marketing efforts are made easy, allowing authors to spend more time writing, less time promoting, and reaching many more readers. Reaching more readers directly translates to increased sales, who doesn’t want that?!

Start Selling More Books

All an author has to do is enter the book information into an easy online form and then Book Blaster’s algorithms get started selling more books to more people in less time, with no more complicated marketing teams and costly promotion departments.

The Book Blaster makes it easy to create email copy, press releases, book descriptions, and landing pages.

Get Your Book Out to the Right Audience

Marketing poorly is no different than not marketing at all. If your work doesn’t get in front of the right audience, it might as well not be out there at all. Does your book need to be promoted to book clubs, bloggers, reviewers, influencers or even magazines of podcasts that will attract the right audience?

Just To Get Noticed

Don’t fuss about giving your book away for free just to get noticed. The A.I. Press Release Generator and Viral Campaign Generator, you get the help you need to generate social media copy that can be used to run Ad campaigns, help developing a social media following and the all-important Author’s Website.

Ready To Use

All these tools come ready-to-use; easy-to-edit pitches crafted to suit your personal preferences. It all makes navigating platforms like YouTube and Instagram more than just manageable.

Increasing your chances of getting in front of the right audience is an Indie author’s key to success.

Do I Need an Author Platform?

Indie authors need every bit of help they can get to increase their chances to become a bestselling author and an online presence is a big part of that! Creating an author platform, like a website for your book, is a critical step in the marketing process.

Attractive Book Description

This includes creating an attractive book description, a place to track visitors, capture email addresses, and much more.
Book Blaster includes an Email Generator with great images of your actual book. You don’t need to source a whole new cover picture from a graphic designer either.

Create Engaging Content

No more struggling to create engaging content for your followers, the A.I. Email Generator helps creates clear and clean copy for your target audience. You can easily edit the copy and the welcoming page to suit your personal style.

Content Generators

Book Blaster’s author tools including the Email Generator, the Mock-up Generator and A.I. Landing Page Generator, makes establishing your presence as an author online easier than you could have imagined.

Promotion Workflows Increase Book Sales

Many self-publishing authors think that the work is done after the writing is finished but this is far from true! Finishing the writing is just the first step in self-publishing.

Lost Books Sales

Next comes the publication process itself, and then the promotion work so your book will actually get noticed, purchased, and read by your target audience. While many first self-publishing authors feel, it’s a big accomplishment just to finish, and it is, you could be leaving money on the table from lost book sales when you struggle with the right promotion.

Steadily Increasing Book Sales

Whether or not your book is an extra revenue stream just for fun, or the start of a game changing income, Book Blaster makes it possible to be both quick and consistent with its automatic workflows which help result in steadily increasing sales. Who doesn’t want that?

Ever-Ready A.I. Marketing Assistant

Tools For Marketing Books
When you choose to be an independent author, you don’t always realize that writing a book is the easy part.

Mainstream Publishing Woes

You have lots of freedom when you are not tied to a mainstream publishing house, but you are also responsible for all of your own marketing plans, launches and online author presence or you pay the price for agency help.

Hit The Easy Button

Doing it yourself can be stressful and a waste of money, AND it’s not why you decided to write a book in the first place. You have the choice to hit the easy button with Book Blaster’s A.I. technology.

Visit Book Blaster A.I. to learn more about this amazing A.I. tool can do for getting Indie authors noticed.

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