Thibaut Meurisse’s Productivity Beast Review

Thibaut Meurisse
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Productivity Beast

by Thibaut Meurisse

Thibaut Meurisse’s Productivity Beast is an eye opener to what you need to do in order to make yourself very productive in life. The author takes his time to shed light on the core steps you should take, even if it means temporarily sacrificing your personal comfort.

What exactly is productivity? If you don’t know what it really means, you will not be able to achieve it. So, let us start with the reminder that productivity is not all about how many chores you can complete within a short period of time, but it is about how well you do those chores with respect to time and priorities.

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What you schedule gets done

If you want to be productive, you must learn how to make schedules. When you make a schedule, it means you are specific with your plans and also shows how serious you are about achieving your goals.

Productivity beast says, don’t wait until it’s too late before making a schedule, it is better to start when the time for your activity is still days or weeks ahead; do this and watch your productivity skyrocket!

Having a plan allows you to think of how you will tackle your day. When you can visualize the targets of the future, it gives you a clearer picture, which will help you measure how effective you can be while ensuring you stay focused.

Your environment matters

I know you have a strong will to succeed, but it is not enough. You need to also personalize your environment to help you keep going when willpower fades. An effective way to create a good environment for success is by being accountable to someone. You need someone to know your plans, so they can remind you of your goals whenever you feel like giving up.

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Know how to focus

When you try to be productive, it is easy to lose focus on what you should be doing at a certain time. That’s why Thibaut Meurisse’s Productivity Beast emphasizes the steps to take in order to avoid losing focus.

If you find yourself chasing a wide range of goals simultaneously, your motivation and willpower will easily fade because this is a wrong way to focus. Pursuing multiple goals will drain your energy quickly.

The right way to focus involves choosing one area to concentrate on at a time. Try as much as possible to avoid multitasking and improve your routine, the results will amaze you!

Know how to delegate

No matter how talented you are, you can’t be exceptionally good at everything. If you try to be good at every single thing, you will end up feeling miserable because it is such a burden on the human mind.

To be successful, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. When you are faced with repetitive tasks or things you are not so good at doing, you need to delegate them to someone who is an expert.

Are you unwilling to delegate things you aren’t good at or don’t enjoy doing because you think it is “too expensive”? If so, you probably aren’t valuing yourself and your time as much as you should.

How you think is very important

How we think is very important, and equally reviewing our thought process and adjusting it is an important factor in being more productive.

If you have been stuck in one position for a while, the problem could be in the way you think. When you apply the same thoughts, you will get the same results. So if you don’t like your results, start by changing your thoughts.

When your mind is closed to possibilities, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities. Stretch your mind by thinking outside the box and going beyond your comfort zone, that’s usually where progress lives.

Streamlining commitments and saying no is important to manage energy

At a younger age, we worry about what people think of us, but when we reach our 40s we stop caring about what they think, at the time we reach our 60s we realize that people were not even thinking of us as much as we imagined.

The point of this explanation is that you don’t owe anyone a certain appearance. Try to spend your time on what actually matters to you, not what will impress people. To properly manage your energy, you must allocate commitments.

Focus on what will bring positive results to your life, you deserve that fulfillment.

What you do regularly determines your productivity

Your habits affect your overall output for the day, so develop good habits and make them a part of your lifestyle. To be more productive, you need to watch your energy levels, study your output to know if you are a night or a morning person. When you find the time of the day that is more productive for you, schedule your tasks accordingly.

Knowledge is power when it is followed by action

A lot of people are task oriented, but productivity requires you to be result oriented. It is not only about managing your time, but managing the tasks you will do optimally. Stop trying to do so much within a short time; it can easily lead to poor results. Instead, manage your tasks so well that you will even have spare time after completing them.

Thibaut Meurisse’s Productivity Beast points out the real reason behind your poor productivity could be fear and self-doubt. You already read to this point so you know what to do, you know the right actions to take, but the knowledge cannot help if you don’t get over your fears and take action.

Avoid distractions and get over the fear of failure, you can make it happen if you stop delaying that first step. Make the decision today to overcome your fears and use the knowledge you have to become a productivity beast!


Productivity Beast

by Thibaut Meurisse

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