Thibaut Meurisse’s “Master Your Time” Review

Jan 26, 2022 | Self Development


Thibaut Meurisse’s “Master Your Time” book on time mastery is a great tool to help you learn how to make the best out of the 24 hours you have each day. It is such an eye-opening book, in which the author bluntly spells out what we need to avoid distractions and take the core steps needed to achieve a better life via time mastery.

Time management is an important life skill that everyone should have. It can help you plan your day and control your time in order to have a balanced life. If you can manage your time well, you won’t have to sacrifice work for your personal life because there will always be a balance between the two. 

Apart from having a good work-life balance, other benefits that come from mastering your time include self-confidence, reduction in the stress you face at work, an orderly life, better performance in whatever you do, a habit of punctuality, better social life, and so much more.


You are the CEO of your own life

Just like the CEO of a company, you are the topmost authority in your life. What this means is that you should learn how to make your time a tool and not try to catch up with it. You should control it instead, the way a CEO runs a company.

To master your time, you need to have a schedule; make the achievement of many of your goals much more likely by following a consistent daily routine. Many people feel this could make their life boring but that’s not true because your routine is just as good as the content you put in it. So, fill it up with more fun activities when you are not working, and follow them religiously.  When you plan your day using the success secrets of and execute consistently, you will be in control of your destiny.


The greatest enemy to your goal of time mastery is distraction. There will always be something trying to take your attention from what you should be doing at a particular time, and you should fight it. Eliminating distractions is one of the most important things you can do to regain control over your time.

The distractions are always hard to overcome because they are usually the things we like, but discipline should be your watchword as you strictly follow your schedule. For example, you may feel like checking out your social media at the time you should be working. In such a situation, it is really tempting to go with the urge to check your phone, but you should fight that urge if you really want to master your time. It is better to check your social media when you have completed your task of the day, if this is hard for you, include it in the fun part of your schedule. Apply this to every other form of distraction you encounter and you will be able to focus one hundred percent on the task at hand and channel your energy toward its completion.


The things you focus on are the main factors that take all your time. When you focus on the right things, your productivity will increase. As you create your routine, make sure that the most important tasks get more time so that you can focus intensely on them. Try as much as possible to complete those tasks by focusing on them for at least 45 minutes every day. 

Thibaut Meurisse’s “Master Your Time” reveals that twenty percent of your actions generate eighty percent of your results, only a fraction of what you do is effective, so spend as much time as possible on the twenty percent to get the most results.

Remember this message from Earl Nightingale:

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. Time will pass anyway.”


Many people misconstrue productivity; they think it is about how many tasks a person can complete within a short period of time, but this is far from the truth. If you want to be productive, you need to master the art of prioritizing. 

There is nothing more unproductive than doing something you didn’t need to do in the first place or doing something with the time you should use for something that has more importance. 

It is not about speed, but direction and rhythm. These 7 steps will help you work smarter as you master your time:

  1. Priorities
  2. Necessities 
  3. Clarity
  4. Assigning  
  5. Efficiency 
  6. Batching 
  7. Systemizing 

Time is one of your most valuable resources

If you lose money, it is going to affect a lot of plans, but the good news is that you can get it back. Most of the things we lose can be regained, but not time. When time is lost, it is gone forever, which makes it such a valuable resource, only second to life when it comes to grading. You can only make up for lost time, but you can never go back to that time you’ve already lost. What this means is that mastering your time is an essential life skill; you have to use your time well because every second counts, and the best way to do this is by learning to think smartly so that you can make better decisions. Once you’ve built effective systems to ensure you remain consistent, you’ll become unstoppable.

Use your time wisely

Remember, time must not be wasted, and no matter what you do or don’t do, it will pass. So use it wisely to avoid playing ‘catch up’. 

If you use your 24 hours well, you will have more free time to yourself. When you say you don’t have time, you are giving your power of time mastery to circumstances around you, which will make external factors beyond your control to dictate how you live your life.

If you really want to achieve your goals, you must take complete responsibility for how you use your time.   

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