Thibaut Meurisse’s Crush Your Limits

Jan 4, 2022 | Book Reviews, Self Development

Crush Your Limits Book

There are so many books out there that give the message of motivation, encouraging the readers to move forward even when life gets tough. Honestly, they have been helpful to a lot of people, but so many others still find themselves unable to push on because they seek something foreign to make a change, this is where ‘Crush Your Limits’ comes in.

Thibaut Meurisse’s self-help book has a lot of important points, most of which are channeled towards helping you realize that you actually have all you need to make extraordinary wins in your life.

Crush Your Limits- Highlights

On complaining

It is a hard world out there, and sometimes, things don’t go the way we want, so complaining has become a normal thing, which is wrong. Complaining should not be a habit, it doesn’t help the situation in any way and could even make things worse. When you complain, you are robbing yourself of the power you have to make the changes necessary to improve your situation. Complaining aids you to avoid responsibility, maybe that’s why it’s almost automatic to start complaining when we want to look for excuses. Like this book has helped us see, you can help yourself by trying a different approach. The next time you feel like complaining, ask yourself these questions: “What if I could make it better next time?” “How can I get a better outcome with a different perspective?” This will put you on the right path.


Is money the root of all evil?

Simply put, money is a tool. It’s just a tool for you to use as a means of exchange. Whatever you choose to do with it makes your actions good or evil, not the money itself. It is neutral. Think of it as your kitchen knife, it’s a tool for cutting vegetables and other things you need for cooking, but if you get violent and cut someone, would you call the knife evil? No. It’s just a tool that was used in an evil way. The outcome of a tool is all about the reason it is being used, so money is not evil. When it comes to money, it grows or declines with respect to how you use what you already have. Don’t just look at your money as what makes you successful, your money is a by-product. To make it big in such a way that your general success also reflects in your bank balance, you need to face your fears and move away from your comfort zone.  When you do this, you will attract new possibilities. Start tapping into your resources and learn how to plant more seeds that will ensure you get wealthy and stay so for life.


Success is not about what you have, it’s about who you become

Even if money is a sign of success, don’t get carried away by finances alone. Who you become as you grow, is very important. To motivate yourself into complete success, you need to first learn why you want to achieve a specific goal. What is the big reason you want to reach that goal? Ask yourself that question, and don’t just do it once, do it five to seven times a day. Might sound too much, but it will help you find your deep-rooted reason for wanting to achieve that specific goal you are focusing on. When you find the reason, you will have enough strength to go on when things get tough. Find small daily habits that help you move forward and do them every day. As you make gradual progress towards your goals, you will feel more confident. This confidence eventually turns into discipline, and when you have discipline, you can easily avoid distractions, this will help you leave your comfort zone and crush your limits.

Confidence comes from action, action cures fear

Let us take a closer look at confidence. The absence of it leads to uncertainties, mistakes, and fear. So you must never lose confidence. Believe in yourself and what you have set out to do because when you don’t believe in something before it is achieved, you find yourself in a situation known as a cognitive distortion in emotional reasoning. It comes from fear and self-doubt because you have lost confidence, which is very bad for your goals and emotional health. So you see, you MUST have confidence in yourself. If you don’t feel ready, that shouldn’t make you lose confidence. It happens to everyone. Many people don’t feel ready when they start an important task, but they end up doing it properly because they have confidence. There are no rules which state that you must feel 100% ready about something before starting, if everyone waited until they actually had the feeling of readiness, many things would have been left undone. As you take that first step, your confidence will grow.


Assumptions we hold determine how we think, feel, and act; this eventually creates our environment

What are the things on your mind that need changing? Think about this and do as much editing as necessary, because those assumptions you hold are very powerful. They affect your everyday actions and reactions, which describe your environment. What you do —starting today—will become your new environment and create new assumptions and a brighter future.


Limiting beliefs are the biggest obstacles you face in life. They hold you back and stop you from achieving success. You think you have no limiting beliefs holding you back, but you do

What are your beliefs? Some of the things we hold so tightly have been entrenched into us from childhood, so it’s understandably hard to let go of these assumptions. But if you want to succeed, you need to let certain limiting assumptions go. Assumptions don’t need to be true. In fact, most assumptions are false or only partially true. What matters most is to select assumptions that empower you so you can live a more fulfilling life. You can crush your limits, no matter what or where you come from!

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