The Success Code: Courage To Be Extraordinary

The Success Code: Courage To Be Extraordinary

The Success Code: How Ordinary Habits Can Produce Extraordinary Results (Self Help Success)

Most individuals live their lives inside a comfortable box, and when the desire arises to venture outside of it, fear typically keeps them trapped. Getting out of our comfort zones might be frightening, yet it is also when we feel most alive. Living Extraordinary entails always going above and beyond the Ordinary. How much do you want to be alive?


What does it mean to be extraordinary and to live an extraordinary life? What does it take to succeed? What does it resemble? This is all up to you and your creativity. The bottom line is that if we want to be successful and live lives that are above what most others consider normal and pleasant, we must always strive to be extraordinary in everything We do. Any step out of our comfort zones, no matter how tiny, is a step toward living a life that is amazing. I think about a year (2) ago I posted a video on My Facebook profile, which talks about comfort zone; before I posted that video I knew a lot of people would come across it and feel motivated taking a step further since Facebook has a vast audience. Now what did I just do? Making people feel alive as to what the Extraordinary is all about.

The truth is, once we reach a level of life that we may consider amazing, we don’t get to rest on our laurels or retire. It’s a never-ending process of stretching, growing, and expanding beyond our current position. Creating bigger and bigger ambitions and aspirations and growth that never stops. The only thing we should get used to is feeling uncomfortable. Below are some steps to consider! Learn more.

Steps to Follow

  • Growth and change are rarely pleasant at first, which is why most of us oppose the process and prefer to remain in our familiar surroundings. We feel the exhilaration of a new level of knowledge or experience once the initial phase of unpleasant feelings (fear, adrenaline, etc) passes, and this is really exciting! This procedure keeps repeating itself. To grow, we must confront and transcend our current situation, and we may either listen to our worries and stay little, or we can face them and grow. It’s always a decision.
  • The key is to keep moving and not just dwell in the pleasure of a new level of consciousness, but to act on it and always endeavor to grow beyond where we are at any particular time. This is especially true in the face of the problems and barriers that we all confront. Of sure, enjoy each moment, but always aspire to go beyond it. This is a HUGE component of living a life of significance. The phrase “exceptional life” suggests that everything about it must be out of the usual.
  • We’ve all heard that it’s more about the trip than the goal when it comes to success. It serves as an excellent reminder. It’s all about who we become as a result of the process, and the end results are a reflection of everything we’ve gone through to get there. Simply said, we must become amazing. And a life that is extraordinary is a life that is limitless. It all starts with a decision to break free from the regular box existence that most people lead. This is a significant step that occurs when we reach a point of absolute frustration with our situation, knowing that we want and deserve much more but having no idea how to make the necessary changes.
  • There are simple things we can do every day to live an extraordinary life and develop the habit of constantly being extraordinary. It’s all about developing the habit and flow of going beyond our current situation. This may be applied to any aspect of our lives, and it can be the smallest of changes. We all have a sense of our own comfort zones and how willing we are to push past them. For someone, the tiniest step can lead to the greatest breakthrough; all that is required is for the step to be taken.
  • If we follow these steps, we will have a taste of what it means to be special. IT’S A MASSIVE RUSH! It’s frightening at first because we’re entering unfamiliar territory. We’re going somewhere we’ve never been before. We are all creatures of habit who prefer to feel safe and secure when doing what we know we are capable of. To be amazing, though, we must constantly push past what is comfortable, safe, and secure. Security is a mirage. The key to living an outstanding life is to feel secure in your uneasiness; it’s all about being at ease with being uncomfortable.
  • Every day, I DARE you to do something new that is outside of your comfort zone. Most of you, chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp and Instagram could be your comfort zone. Talking to family and friends is not bad, but why not turn 75-90 % of those time into ideas, business chats, business ideas that can get you something more reasonable, make you live extraordinary, even make you good amount of money? Smiling; well I may be smiling and writing this paragraph in particular, but this can be anything; there is no such thing as a trivial matter. You will feel it as well; while moving in a new path, there will be some resistance at first; just push through it. For the most part, change is unsettling. Try a new dish, travel to a new location, or do something you’ve always been frightened to do.
  • BLOW THROUGH WHATEVER IS HOLDING YOU BACK! Feel and observe who you become as a result of the process, and you’ll understand what it means to be special. The lesson here is in the habit of going beyond your regular ways of thinking and doing things in your day-to-day life, and in the process, you will sense the sensation of being and being remarkable. As you develop this habit and master this process, you will become EXCITED to see what you can accomplish in every area of your life with a BRING IT ON! attitude. I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of life I want to live! and if you want the habits and life that produces extraordinary results, then GO FOR IT.

“Until We see what We can do, We won’t know who We are!”- Goe Goe

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