The Entrepreneur Code: The Habits of Creators Review

Ray Brehm

Entrepreneur Code

The Entrepreneur Code: The Habits of Creators

by Ray Brehm

Le parcours d’un entrepreneur est long et assez difficile, mais avec les bons outils et une bonne Ă©quipe, les dĂ©fis seront facilement surmontĂ©s. Il y a certaines choses que vous devez faire si vous voulez rĂ©ussir en tant qu’entrepreneur, et c’est de cela qu’il s’agit dans le livre The Entrepreneur Code de Ray Brehm .

Le code de l’entrepreneur est un livre qui compile la sagesse et les expĂ©riences de nombreuses personnes qui ont rĂ©ussi et qui ont surmontĂ© les dĂ©fis auxquels vous serez confrontĂ©s dans votre parcours entrepreneurial.

Vous pensez peut-ĂŞtre que tous les millionnaires que vous admirez ont fait quelque chose de magique pour prospĂ©rer, mais ils rĂ©vèlent dans ce livre que cela se rĂ©sume essentiellement Ă  une habitude et Ă  un Ă©tat d’esprit sain. 

En fait, vous pouvez appeler l’entrepreneuriat un jeu mental, car presque tout le monde est formĂ© pour acquĂ©rir les compĂ©tences dont il a besoin pour gĂ©rer une entreprise particulière, mais qui s’occupe de la partie mentale ? C’est tout aussi important !

You have what it takes

Doubts are normal, but what you do about that feeling is what makes the difference in your life as a businessman. This is the most important thing you need to get clear as a beginner because the foundation of your business matters.

The entrepreneur code inspire you to believe in yourself, you have what it takes. There will be times when people you love will question your actions and tell you it’s not possible, but if you believe you have what it takes, you can show them your worth as you keep pushing on. When the results start showing, they will respect your tenacity and even give you more support, but you have to believe in yourself before someone else can believe in you.

You don’t have to quit your job

No matter where you are or the kind of family you come from, it is possible to build your business and still do a great job for someone else’s company. Many people believe this to be a myth, but it is actually true and is even the reality of many successful people you know and admire today.

It wouldn’t be wise of you to quit your source of income to take on a business that is starting from scratch. No matter how great your business idea is, it will take time to grow into what you aim for and you will spend a lot of money and time during this process.  Keep doing your job, but make a plan to start a side business as you go on. A lot of people do two jobs, just see your business as your second job and commit yourself. When your business starts earning you substantial profit, you can choose to quit your job if you still want to.

You need a mentor

A lot of people have passed through the things you will encounter in your journey as an entrepreneur. So you don’t have to spend precious time and money making the same mistakes they did.

No matter how smart and dedicated you are, a mentor will always make things better and faster for your business development and personal growth. To find a good mentor, you just need to look for someone that has made it big in the industry you want to join, and then find a way to connect with them. It doesn’t have to be face-to-face; you can use social media to connect with such a person.  They are usually open to helping new entrepreneurs because someone did the same for them.

Another way to connect with a good mentor is by building your network. If there is any networking event or a meet and greet around your city, do well to participate. You will meet like minds that will directly or indirectly connect you to a great mentor.

Organize yourself and your assets

If you can’t organize your own personal life, how do you plan to run a company full of different people with varying skill sets? You need to have an organized life before you can think like a creator; it is a sharp indicator that your business will be successful.

Start by getting rid of the common self-sabotaging mindset, and then get the right people to work with you. After you do this, study the industry and your possible competition.

Build with intangible assets

To build your business, you will need assets. As a beginner (and even after you have gathered enough experience) you can build with intangible assets, you don’t need to have a fat net worth before you can start a business. Some intangible assets include your intellect, goodwill, patents, franchise agreement, licenses, copyright, trademarks, etc.

Unlike land, vehicles, and equipment, they have no physical presence in your company, but you need them because they have their own economic benefits which you can use to grow your business.

Entrepreneur Code

The Entrepreneur Code: The Habits of Creators

by Ray Brehm

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