Teach Your Expertise by Alina Vincent

Alina Vincent


Teach Your Expertise

by Alina Vincent

Online courses have been around for as long as we have had mobile internet devices, but after the covid-19 lockdown in 2020, they became more popular. With the benefits people have experienced from it, we can boldly say that online courses are here to stay. So how can you get involved and grow your business with this? The answers can be found in “Teach Your Expertise” by Alina Vincent.

A website can boost your business but it is no longer enough. The world is changing, so you also need active social media pages where you can interact with customers, build loyalty, increase your sales and help your brand maintain good relationships with your followers. What if you could go further? What if you could teach people about your talent or the craft you know so well?

In this book, Alina Vincent shows that you can actually use online courses to improve your business, make more money, and become more respected in your field as a teacher.

Follow real life examples

Indeed, there is a lot of information on the internet about online classes, but they won’t help you the way real life stories will. Just like watching someone do something will help you to learn it faster than merely reading about it, you need to know what successful people did with online classes to aid their business. 

When you meet up with people who have made the best out of their talents through online training, you will be able to relate with their stories and use their experience to help yourself. No matter your gender, age, race or type of business, there is someone out there whose success story can connect with your situation and help you make it big as an online trainer.

In “teach your experience”; there are more than 20 real life stories about how people struggled with real life issues while building their online coaching platforms that later became successful.

You need to be persistent

If it was so easy to make a lot of money through online classes, everyone would be doing it, but just like anything worthwhile, starting and making it as an online coach is not easy, so you need to be persistent.


No matter how good you are at what you want to teach people , you should remember that the skill is not enough. You also need to prepare yourself for the different reactions you will get from people when you start this journey. Not all of them will be good and not all will be bad, what you should do is to focus on the good ones and don’t allow the bad ones distract you.

If you are doing this for money, fame, charity, awareness, or any other reason, write it somewhere and keep reminding yourself that you must focus on that reason when things get tough for you as an online coach.

Stay true to yourself, no matter what

As you start to teach your experience and talents through online classes, there will be times when you may get tempted to do something you did not set out to do, just because of a trend or an unexpected reaction to your methods. At such times, you really need to stay true to yourself and trust your skills. If you are easily deterred by trends, you will find it hard to focus on one method and this will affect your online classes negatively.

Most times, people can’t stay true to themselves due to a lack of confidence. To avoid this, you should look back at your life and examine all the things you have accomplished; this will make you feel great about yourself. Don’t underestimate your achievements, you have the talents and also put in the work to get to where you are, so you can teach other people to do the same thing you have mastered. As an authority, you must stay true to yourself to make it in online coaching or tutoring business.

Recover fast

No matter how much you have mastered your craft, online classes will come with its own unique challenges and you have to handle them quickly because students look up to you.

From this book, we can see that about 20 women who successfully impacted their skills on others through online classes experienced various challenges, but they faced these challenges head-on and in no time, the challenges became history.

You should prepare for stumbling blocks that may demoralize you. This is not pessimism, but wisdom. If you prepare, they won’t come as a surprise, and when setbacks don’t come as a surprise, it will be easier for you to recover fast!


Teach Your Expertise

by Alina Vincent

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