TAPNET Affiliate Network

Featured Affiliate Programs

TAPNET Affiliate Network – visit pages below to view details for each featured affiliate program. Each affiliate program page contains HTML code snippets for Social Media, Text Links and Banner Ads. Follow the instructions on each page to copy the code snippets.

Add Your Site To TAPNET Network

Affiliate Rewards

Adding your site to TAPNET will engage our network of 3000+ affiliates to promote your website. Ongoing monthly promotions on all our social channels.

What Happens After

Step 1. We will build your dedicated page like one of those above.

Step 2. We will make a public announcement to notify affiliates.

Step 3. We will launch a viral campaign to begin spreading the word.

Step 4. Every month we will repeat step 2 + 3.

Web Traffic Tips

Tips To Refer Visitor Traffic
  • Post Landing Page URLs Daily on Social Media Sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Place Text Links + Banners Ads From The Code Snippets Provided on the program pages.
  • Use Pay Per Click (PPC) or Banner Advertising Networks (Display Ads) to target relevant traffic.
  • Promote TAPNET to existing customers or email lists.
  • Invite family and friends to join our affiliate program by sharing this page on social media.