Success Tips: Tips And Terms

Success, accomplishment, achievements, progress! I guess all this means or relates to one word right? And still based on, “Your Terms”

Today, we are going to do something very simple, in the form or summarizing all we’ve done throughout the week, (a quick summary). I think you’ll enjoy it! Stay tuned.

Do you see yourself as Successful? Or consider yourself a Success? And if you don’t, then it’s time you give it a rethink. I do a lot of research, I ask people questions, online and in My local area, I creat online surveys via Google sheets, where I get to ask people questions, and it’s mainly targeted on top tier countries. From what I’ve seen so far, I discovered that only 15 to 25 % of the English people, (England) Americans, Canadians, Scottish, e.t.c…. consider themselves as successful. Actually I’m not getting any thing in return for this, but I’m doing it to develop My knowledge and learning power, as to know who truly am I and the type of environment I come from and live in.

Do you seek for more success? if yes, then ask yourself this:

  • What’s success to me?
  • What matters most to me?
  • How would I be able to climb to a higher level?

In some people’s eyes, success implies to things like




High status in the public

Big and beautiful houses

A quick, luxurious brand new cars

A exceptionally respected job

Power over others


Making a contribution to the world around you and at large

What’s in your image of Success? What do you really need to be “Successful“, based on your conditions, or rather terms?

Perhaps one of the best definition I’ve seen for “Success” is the “Progressive Realization of Valuable and Fixed Personal Goals” There are actually other definitions I also acknowledge, but this stands out for now. Each part of this definition is very important and vital.

Prearranged goal means you must define what you want to achieve, Surveys have shown that, only around 3 to 9% of all people don’t go through the trouble of writing down their goals. If you take this one step, you advance much closer to the winners circle.

What’s a beneficial goal? know this? If not, I’ll explain, it’s simply the one that is essential or important to you, and it’s in agreement, (harmonious) with your values, and that isn’t pointed or aimed at harming or rather hurting others. So setting a goal that truly is beneficial requires knowing something important to you, and some quiet reflection.

Progressive realization implies that you are constantly pushing toward your goals, and gaining grounds (Making Progress). This doesn’t mean that you must be an overnight success. Previously I’ve told you about magic bullet? Avoid it, sounds funny right? Means that you must not be an overnight success. There really are no such things. Progressive realization implies that success is a cycle, process in excess of an end point. Example an athlete striving to reach the Olympics is a success, even before they arrive at the stadium. The end point isn’t the entire or whole story.

What can you really do to increase your willingness, readiness or preparedness to engage in the process? Understand that you don’t have total or unlimited control over success and failure. Attempt as you would, success in reaching the end point of your goals might avoid you, because of some events outside your ability to control. So focus on what you can handle and control, not on what you can’t. Also, what you can handle is doing and quitting. You can handle doing and quitting substantially more than you can handle the end results of your efforts.


  • Visualize the outcome/results
  • Work on the course of accomplishment
  • Persevere
  • Enjoy the outcomes/results

Special Add-ons: See Below

Remember this, Vision + Process + Time = Results. (VPT=R) This is based mainly on tips and goes deep down, the terms.

This formula for success resembles the form of planting a garden. The natural product doesn’t quickly spring up from the earth. In January you imagine eating a delicious watermelon from your garden in the hot of the summer right? Then here the patient work comes in, you prepare the grounds, plant the seeds, the watering process comes in and goes on, fertilization process, pulling the weeds, and keeping the pests away. With all these things been done, in good time you will eventually collect the rich ready product you had always wanted.

Just rounded up for the week, with this, what’s gone? Hope you’re all fine? I’d be more than happy to hear a feeback like “Yes” also hope you got value from the article? If yes, then I’m super excited. Always stay in touch for more valuable packs included and loads of valuable articles as well. Did you subscribe yet to the Mastermind Program yet? If no then, Click here. Also did you subscribe to the Tapreneur Program? If still no then, Click here. Any questions or contribution? Reach us here, download the Success Secrets Book! See you.

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