Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Napoleon Hill
The world famous book that could be worth millions to you.

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude book, by Napoleon Hill

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

by Napoleon Hill

It is often said that a bad attitude is like a flat tire and you can’t go anywhere until you fix it. There is nothing but the truth in that statement, so a good attitude is non negotiable for you.

There are many ways to succeed, but none of them will really work if one does not have a positive attitude to life. So, a lot of attention should go into the state of your mental attitude in order for you to reach your highest potential.

Napoleon Hill, an iconic writer, has made it very easy for us to understand the relationship between a positive mental attitude and success.

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Don’t let your mental attitude make you a ‘has-been’

Success is realized by those who keep trying with a positive mental attitude. It is not enough to simply start working with the right mindset, you also need to learn how to keep going when the times get tough because those times will always come.

When you start out with a positive mental attitude, the people around you will notice your improvement and success, but if along the line, you crack under the pressure of difficulties, those same people who noticed how well you acted before will also see the decline… which would make you a ‘has-been’. Don’t allow such a thing to happen to you, do your best at all times.

The Secret of Successful People

Many people have succeeded in different areas of life, but there is something constant about them – their positive mental attitude. The author of this book looked carefully at the most successful people and realized that there was no magic secret, they all had a positive mental attitude in their businesses. 

The successful people and mentors you know today applied faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, initiative, generosity, tolerance, tact, kindness, and a good common sense. These are the virtues that make up the positive mental attitude you need for long-lasting success.


Never underestimate the effects of a negative mental attitude

The opposite of a positive mental attitude is a negative one, and just as we lay emphasis on the greatness that awaits whoever approaches life with a positive attitude, we should also pay equal attention to the damages a negative mental attitude can cause.

With a negative attitude to life, there can be no real progress. If you continue to be negative, this attitude will prevent many of life’s lucky breaks from benefiting you. It has a major repellant power towards happiness and fulfillment, so do everything you can to make sure that you do not have a negative mental attitude!

Always Stay Motivated

That burning desire you have should not get quenched. Make sure that you never allow anything to diminish your light because greatness only comes to those who maintain that desire to succeed.

Even if you feel like you are not making any progress, don’t give up. Remember that success only stays with those who try and keep on trying to maintain a positive mental attitude to life.


No matter what you do, you will not rise above average if you don’t keep practicing. When you practice everyday, your brain will get used to the activity and you will find yourself developing new strengths with each task.

The same also applies to the development and maintenance of a positive mental attitude. If you really want that positivity to be a part of your life, practise it everyday. Use any opportunity you have to display your positive attitude and watch it lighten up your mood, boost your productivity and even encourage the people you work with.

Don’t Settle for Less

No matter what you have seen or what you have been told by your family members, don’t sentence yourself to a life of shortage. There is no nobility in restricting yourself and earning less than you should.

Even if you come from a place where no one has ever made a million dollars, you can break the cycle. It is possible. 

Some people have been taught that earning below average is noble, but that is not true. You can help a lot of people who are struggling in life when you have enough money. 

There are patients in the hospital who you can help to clear their bills, there are students who need money for their education, there are people who cannot even eat well because they lack enough money…you can help these people with excess funds that you have and make the world a better place. You can be noble with your wealth, charity needs money to thrive.

So develop the mindset that you will do better than anyone in your family has ever done. Don’t let your background determine your progress in life.

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

by Napoleon Hill

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