STAIGIS 15 inches Wine Refrigerator Review

Jan 19, 2022 | Product Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you have a standard bar or not, as long as you are a wine lover, you need an appropriate refrigerator for your wine collection. A regular fridge is not bad, but why should you settle for that when you can enjoy your wine in the purest form it was meant to be consumed?  If you are going to drink wine at all, it should be in the best way possible, and a smart refrigerator will ensure that! We have discovered the power of the refrigerator shown below, so it is our recommendation for you.
This refrigerator is a 15 inch solid and compact cool powerhouse. It has a metallic color and an executive glossy finish, which makes it very pleasing to the eyes. Thanks to the regal look it will give your apartment, your visitors will find it intriguing, and they will keep talking about it long after they have left your abode. The reputable STAIGIS brand never disappoints, and they are the brains behind this 15 inches wine refrigerator we are applauding today. The fridge has a length of 22.4 inches, width of 14.9 inches and a height of 33.9 inches. It has no freezer because your wines do not need one, and it comes with a one year warranty. There is a lot more to know about this wine refrigerator; so let us take a look at its unique features.

Special Features of the STAIGIS 15 inches Wine Refrigerator

Here are some of the most popular features of the STAIGIS 15 inches wine refrigerator that make it the number one choice for wine enthusiasts!
STAIGIS 15 inches wine refrigerator-in kitchen

STAIGIS 15 inches Wine Refrigerator: Impressive capacity

No matter how good a fridge is, you will not enjoy using it if you cannot load it up with more than enough wine bottles. This particular refrigerator can contain up to 30 bottles at a time, which gives you the chance to chill more than enough bottles of exotic wine in your home so that when your guests arrive, you will have a wide range of drinks to offer them. 

Glassdoor and stylish design

The bold, modern, and overall classy design of this refrigerator is more than enough reason for you to brag about having it in your home or bar. Despite it being such a flexible appliance that can be placed anywhere; including under the counter, a lot of people decide to place it in a strategic position so that whoever enters the house will easily see it. That’s what happens when you buy a powerful refrigerator that also doubles as a piece of art. Thanks to the glass door, the different colors of your 30 bottles of exotic wine will be visible to visitors. If you arrange these bottles and place the colors appropriately, you will have a beautiful result that matches the inbuilt blue LED light which helps to showcase your wine collection. 

STAIGIS 15 inches Wine Refrigerator: It has no handle

You really can’t have such a classy refrigerator and worry about handles. There is no handle here and the fridge can be opened from either left or right sides; you can switch the direction of the door as you wish. If you really want to start a conversation, open the refrigerator twice in front of your guests using the left and right sides and watch them ask questions about the ‘magic’ you just did.

Perfect single-zone cooling

This refrigerator works with a temperature range of 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature range is absolutely perfect for different kinds of wine, so no matter the type of wine you bring home, you can rest assured that this fridge will give it a befitting cooling temperature for excellent taste. It also has a touch panel and smart LCD display feature, coupled with an intelligent temperature memory function that protects your precious wines from any temperature effects. 

STAIGIS 15 inches Wine Refrigerator: Six removable shelves

There are six stainless steel shelves in this refrigerator; built to be sturdy and easy to remove in case you want to create space to accommodate bigger wine bottles. When you need to take out drinks, you will find it very easy to slide the shelves in and out of the refrigerator.

Low noise and safety lock

STAIGIS 15 inches wine refrigerator-safety door lock
You can rest assured that this refrigerator will not disturb the peace and quiet of your home. Despite being a fast-cooling and super effective fridge, it hardly makes any noise while in use. If you have children at home or worry about unauthorized access to your expensive wines, you can use the safety lock feature. There are so many other properties that make this fridge a must-have, but we can’t mention them all; you just have to buy one and experience it yourself. Those that have bought this refrigerator from amazon have amazing things to say about it in the reviews, so what are you waiting for?
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