Persuasion: A Simple Technique

Persuasion: A Simple Technique

Persuasion: The Subtle Art of Getting What You Want

A little dive into on how how we live our lives daily, by using what we have, to get what we want. And regarding to what we have here today, “Persuasion” might begin with words, but what happens behind the words is subconscious “Persuasion”. You can utilize this effective subliminal technique to convince people.


This is kinda influencing people in a way that goes beyond words. It’s about the power of what’s hidden behind or beneath the words. It is influencing individuals at a level that they are not aware of. People are often unaware that a grin is influencing them during a conversation, making it a subconscious tactic. Here’s an approach that’s a little more “Subtle“.

Using Their Words To Persuade

Words have power, and when it comes to influencing others, utilizing their own words has even more force. Now you might ask what do I mean by their own words? This actually depends on two types of people, of which I’ll touch just a brief part of it in this article, and the full part will be revealed inside the book itself! Read on to learn more.


Any words, phrases, or expressions that a person uses frequently fall under category one (1). If you pay attention carefully, you may notice that someone frequently says “I see” or “I can understand that.” Starting to use certain words and phrases is an easy way to put this information to use. “You can see how.” or “You can comprehend how.” is a good way to start a sentence. Using their own language gives the impression that you know and can be trusted. As a result, persuasion is more likely.

Anything a prospect specifically stated he desired falls under category two (2). Did he/she express a desire for a home with an office? Is it true that he specified the type of stereo system he wanted in his new vehicle? Or did she want to keep the price of her running shoes below a specific threshold? Make an effort to understand what the prospect is looking for, as well as the words they use to explain it. This is crucial for the next step in this subliminal persuasion method.

Assuming you have everything the prospect requires, explain what he stated he wants and show him how you can provide it. We don’t want to act contrary to what we say since internal consistency is a normal human demand. That is why this method is so effective.

Assume you’re selling a trip to a potential client. You pay attention to what the client wants and find something that meets their requirements. At this point, you’d remark something along the lines of, “If my memory serves me correctly, you requested a warm beach, close proximity to nightclubs, and a budget of less than $2,000 for the week. I believe you are in luck. Both of the packages we just looked at met your requirements. Do you want to book a trip to Canada or probably the United States?

When you find exactly what they stated they wanted and remind them of their words, it’s difficult for them to pretend they’re not interested. The majority of people will not even notice if you use their exact phrases. They’ll only feel awkward denying what they’ve said. It is simpler to get an agreement. That’s why employing a person’s own words as a subliminal persuasion tool is so effective.


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