Online Business From Scratch: (7) Figure Selling Information Online

Online Business From Scratch: (7) Figure Selling Information Online

Online Business from Scratch: Launch Your Own Seven-Figure Internet Business by Creating and Selling Information Online

I’d start by saying; you realize how lucrative “Selling Information Online” can be? Have you passed on this lucrative business opportunity, probably not; because you’re not a writer like Me, have never been a trainer, or have never provided information before? Put your worries to the side and learn how to transform information into profit.


When celebrities or politicians are at the top of the bestseller list, it’s understandable that many people overlook the enormous potential for “Selling Information Online“. But here’s the truth: there are hundreds of thousands of other small company owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and everyday people just like you who have become so dissatisfied with their job and lifestyle that they’ve turned to selling information to achieve great results.

Steps to Follow

There are various ways of packaging your information. Some common packaging strategies are listed below.

1. Write a book or article and publish it

2. Organize a seminar

3. Learn to speak in front of an audience

4. Organize a teleseminar

5. Distribute a newsletter or ezine

6. Make a computer program or a game that is educational

7. Create a television show or an infomercial (informative commercial)

8. Work as a consultant

9. Instruct or train

10. Create a magazine or newspaper

11. Work as a host on a talk show

12. Design a product (how to course, audio CDs, video etc.)

13. Obtain a license for your data

This industry has allowed us to confirm that there is profit in selling information in practically every market imaginable, and others you haven’t even considered yet, based on years of direct experience. What are these successful online businesspeople selling? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the information formats that are being offered for a lot of money on the internet:

  • e-books and books from $17-$97
  • Reports start at $17 and go up from there.
  • Courses, workshops, and manuals start at $197 and go up to $10,000.
  • Seminars, teleseminars, and webinars range in price from $47 to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Audio and video products, as well as multimedia training, range in price from $100 to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Subscription sites and newsletters range in price from $17 per month to $697 per month.
  • Monthly group coaching sessions start at $500. Over $1000/month in private coaching and inner circle programs

When all of these formats are combined, selling information is the single most lucrative non-fiction genre, with sales exceeding billions of dollars. Okay, there are a few things I went online and researched before writing this post, so sit back and listen as I share them with you; and believe me, anyone can do it.

  • Create Your Own On-Demand Information Product: Begin with a market in which you are either actively involved, have easy access to, or have a particular interest and passion. Remember that selling information online is all about connecting a frantic buyer’s urgent, high-demand want with timely knowledge. If you commit to becoming involved in a particular market (health, business, home improvement, travel, food and wine, self-improvement, hobby-based interest, to name a few), you will automatically gain access to the desires and techniques you can share with your market, allowing you to charge a nice profit as you delve deeper into your market.
  • Create compelling sales copy: You scream, oh no! Is this the point at which I lose you? Don’t be afraid; you’ll be OK. You must master the art of converting product characteristics into advantages, transforming your sales page into a fascinating story, creating an offer your visitors can’t reject, and creating urgency…oh, and don’t dull your customers! Selling knowledge is all about fixing problems and making it easier for your target market to attain their goals, aspirations, desires, and wishes. Your sales letter and marketing materials must clearly show how your information can assist them in achieving these goals.
  • Create a reliable, automated selling system: The phrase “automated” is crucial. Create your own online selling engine that attracts leads, builds excitement and anticipation, exposes your products and services, and converts leads to consumers. You want to finish a job so you can go on vacation, enjoy life, or, if you’re like me, leap right into the next project! Your own autoresponder is the backbone of your automated sales engine, allowing you to send out your own eCourse, newsletter, automated sales letter sequence, surveys, feedback forms, solo blasts, and more. Everything was planned ahead of time.
  • The Back End of Information Selling: Learn More.

By following these steps in this article, also Getting the Book Listed Above, you now possess the “Insider Information” that has turned many average people with a dream of launching their own Seven-Figure Internet business by creating and selling Information Online into information selling and publishing empire.


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