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Desire For Love

Post written by Massimo Parlermo

Desire for love – Gianni Martino is a man looking for one woman to love and settle down with and have a family and he’s had this dream since he was a teenager, but he finds out how difficult it is to accomplish his goal.

Then when he finally meets someone, he thought was the “One” the first girl he has feelings for and is in love with, but his dream and their relationship fall apart, and now he finds himself again chasing his dream.

Then he finds himself going on date after date, encounters after encounters, one disappointment after another. He tries many different options to meet women, whether it is by someone he works with or a blind date or the internet and then all the sudden he is in 40s and has been living the bachelor lifestyle.

Even though he is genuinely a good person, has good looks, treats women respectfully, he is now finding himself trying to explain to women he goes on dates with or starts a relationship with, he is such a good “Catch” and is still available? Or why did he never settle down and get married?

Although he has many setbacks and challenges he continues to fight through the disappointments and hopes to one day find his one true love no matter how hard the journey is to reach.

About Massimo Parlermo

I was born in Italy and grew up in Chicago and part of Generation X. I grew up in a 1st generation Italian American family.

When I began attending grammar school Italian was my first language I spoke and had the task of learning a new language, English. After completing grade school and high school I then went on to college where I struggled adjusting to college and dropped out after a few semesters. I returned to school in 2016 and in 2019 I graduated from Purdue University Global with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude.

My professional career has been spent in business in the field of finance and accounting, working in many various business settings over the years.

While growing up my favorite sports were baseball, football, basketball, basically, I love just about every sport.

In my free time these days I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and enjoy golfing and traveling along with sharpening my cooking skills by trying out and cooking new recipes.

I enjoy watching classic movies with actors like Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, Gary Cooper, Marilyn Monroe, and Jane Russell.

I enjoy listening to all different genres of music starting from the 1950’s and up to the music going on today.

About Desire For Love

Now I am a published Author, and my 1st novel is “Desire For Love” and I am also an entrepreneur and investor as well as an accountant.

“Desire For Love” is my first book I wrote, a romantic comedy and the subject of the book is about love and relationships, and this is certainly a subject I felt that most readers could relate to along with the many struggles that come with love and relationships.

The book and story covers many decades starting in the 1980’s, Generation-X readers will certainly appreciate that era as well as those that like to read about that era and many readers will be able to relate to the main character Gianni, faces with the challenge of coming out of the adolescent age and becoming an adult and all the challenges and insecurities we all have in life.

“Desire For Love”- Excerpt – Chapter 2

During his sophomore year at Belmont High Gianni was comfortable and adjusted to high school so he was much more comfortable with his settings, with his friends, his surroundings, and the life of high school as he just learned about in his freshman year.

Once the fall semester started, he noticed a girl from the freshmen class, and she certainly drew his attention got very much interested in this freshman girl from study hall break. There she was long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a nice shape that seemed to combine perfect to Gianni, and day after day he would notice and see her sitting with her friend at another table and his friends Perry and Tim noticed Gianni always seemed to be distracted while they were speaking to him like he was staring or looking and checking someone out at another table and then they finally figured out who had caught his interest.

Perry and Tim began to tease Gianni and telling him things like hey you like that girl why don’t you go over to her and say something to this girl that he has taken interest in. Then of course they were not going to let this go until he made his move on the girl and they kept ragging on him and daring him to go or calling him a pussy unless he walked over to her and make his move.

Excerpt – Chapter 2 – Gianni Martino makes his move

Finally after a few days and after enough teasing and building up enough nerve Gianni told Perry and Tim he was going to do it and they continued to tease him and said to him, yeah right, sure you will.

Gianni then said oh yeah, watch this, and he got up and walked over towards her table as each step he took he could hear in his head the song by Kool & The Gang “Fresh” or was that the beat of his heartbeat pounding very loudly because he could not hear anything in the outside world only in his mind and heart, as his friends looked on excitedly to see him finally walk over to her and see how things turn out for him, finally he reaches her table and begins to introduces himself  to the mystery girl he seen daily.

He did it, he said hello and introduced himself to her and although she told Gianni name her name was Katrina, she seemed hesitant to tell him her name and did not seem to want to talk with him nor look at him as she spoke, she looked at her friend as if to say oh my God I hope he leaves soon as Gianni was speaking to her.

Excerpt – Chapter 2 – Katrina is not interested with speaking to Gianni

He tried to ask her questions to get her engaged in the conversation as he continued to try and find out about her as much as he could, like what grade school she graduated from, where abouts in the city did she live, little things to have a conversation.

She was very reluctant to share much information to him and her answers were short and sweet she seemed to be telling her friend as she was answering his questions. He did not want to believe she did not like him and thought her responses were due the fact that maybe she was shy or scared, or that she was a freshman, and so forth.

The bell rang and study hall was over, and he said goodbye to Katrina and headed back to his friends and they asked him how it went, and he told them he would give them the details during lunch and that he had to get to his next class. The guys were still happy that Gianni walked over to talk to her no matter the results!

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