To Kill Three Birds With One Stone

Frank Ed Miller

This is an adventurous Suspense Thriller that will leave readers with someone who intended to kill three birds with one stone.”
Post written by Frank Ed Miller

The Story

This adventurous suspense thriller will leave one with someone who intended to kill three birds with one stone.

The story began with an enigma. An outlandish man walked into a printing press, leaving Collins Benedict, the protagonist, in awe. Some years later, Collins Benedict formed a gang with the motive to get rich young. But he and his members were invaded by the desperate lad, Amos. 

Their new leader, Amos, had a different plan to make the crew rich.

Book cover of To Kill Three Birds with One Stone by Frank Ed Miller

To Kill Three Birds With One Stone

by Frank Ed Miller

He made them burn the two bridges that connected them to society, took them to an unfriendly forest in Africa, and lorded it over them. The opposing plan led them to the outlandish man Collins Benedict saw in a printing press some time ago. They were making progress in getting a fortune from the strange man.

Unfortunately, Collins Benedict was humiliated. Eventually, the success and survival of the crew lie in his hands. The humiliated Collins, harboring enmity, intended to ruin their plans by KILLING THREE BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. 

The protagonist made a dangerous move that attracted the attention of people outside their jurisdiction and revealed an ongoing conspiracy in the armed forces.


Somehow, he slipped into the dark with a lot of money and was hunted by people unknown to him.

See how it happened in To Kill Three Birds With One Stone, a thriller that rode some desperate youths through towns and villages in West Africa.

Why I Wrote This Story

To kill three birds with one stone is meant to educate and entertain its potential readers. It is also meant to thrill, puzzle, and impress readers just as stories are meant to be.

I have read thrillers and mysteries by other authors like James Hadley chase, John Grisham, Greg Iles, Andrew Gross, Dean Koontz, and other authors.

I can write, and I love it. I got an interesting story in my head and I intended to put it into writing for other authors to enjoy. That is the birth of To Kill Three Birds With One Stone.

Do you want to know what inspired me to write this story?


Besides a passion for writing, there is a desire for recognition and income. Not bad if one can earn a mug of coffee through writing an interesting story. And there is something else. That is to entertain potential readers. You must have seen or heard about Indian archers shooting three arrows at one time in a single bow.

Why This Title?

I gave this story that name because the protagonist intended to kill three birds with one stone. He found himself in a tight fix, for him to get out he had to kill three birds with one stone.

Excerpt from Chapter 4 of To Kill Three Birds With One Stone – A scene with action

“Now, I won’t entertain any more questions. No objections either. Discussion closed,” he concluded, waving his hand authoritatively to terminate the discussion.

It was such a challenge. 

I thought I was the only one that viewed it that way. 

But I wasn’t.

Lawrence sprang to his feet and swore an oath at Amos. “Come and hold me,” he added to his oath. “Am leaving here, and there is nothing you are going to do about it!”

Not even a lion could have been faster. The way Amos reacted. He drew out a gleaming machete from under his seat, and within a split second, he jumped at Lawrence with the machete raised. 

I looked away, closing my eyes. Some of the boys shrieked.

A few seconds passed. I did not hear anything. I opened my eyes and turned my head reluctantly to look at the horrific scene. My chest was beating violently. 

Lawrence was motionless and frozen like a mannequin. Dear God!

He had ceased to breathe. There was no blood spilled anywhere, which implied that there was no attack.

Napoleon walked back to his seat silently. He was holding the machete with a lazy grip. It was the machete that one of the boys stole from their parents. This nut had filed it when he sent us away. The edge was gleaming brilliantly, like a razor blade.

Excerpt from Chapter 11 of To Kill Three Birds With One Stone – A scene with mild suspense

I paid and went back in the direction I came from. I went as far as the alley where I had detected him without looking back. I passed the path and stopped at a shop. I deliberately spent some time with the trader, haggling jokingly about what I wanted to buy, talking about inflation and the government.

Then I noticed something else that made my heart skip. This pink corolla I had seen too often for only one day, and it was never in a hurry, crawled by and stopped somewhere, under a tree by the roadside. The driver did not step out. He only turned off the engine and remained calm inside the car.

Is it following me too?

From the direction I came from, I saw the other guy with glasses coming, acting as though he was calling someone on the phone or really calling someone on the phone.

I stopped to breathe, watching him while I ignored the trader.

As he entered a shop some yards away from where I stood, the corolla drove away, slowly out of sight.

I am being watched!

Whoever was following me had a partner. And the partner drove a pink corolla.

My heart sank! 

I decided to give them the wrong lead. I would take them to Abraka Road along the street where there were plantain plantations. That was where the bad boys hung around.

Get to know more about To Kill Three Birds With One Stone

There are more interesting scenes with sudden twists.

See how it started and ended in this adventurous suspense thriller that would leave you with someone who intended to kill three birds with one stone.

Book cover of To Kill Three Birds with One Stone by Frank Ed Miller

To Kill Three Birds With One Stone

by Frank Ed Miller

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