Keys To Success: Price And Sacrifice

Keys To Success: Price And Sacrifice

I think this will be a very important part in our journey to Success, I’ve said and I’ll always continue saying, “There’s No Magic Bullet” just work hard for what you need and you’ll have them come to you. Are you willing to Pay the Price? Sacrifice? Hold tight and stay with Me, while I break down things to you.

It is your responsibility to pay for it. One of keys to “Success” will be discussed now. So, is that success comes at a cost. If you want to be successful, you will have to make sacrifices. So, for what are you willing to make a sacrifice? Of course, it’s your time, effort, and sometimes even money.

Success does not come easily, as I have often stated. You’ll have to put in a lot of effort, time, and as well effort into your plan, and execute big activities. Only then will you be successful. Now it’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to spend for achievement. Are you willing to devote all of your time to conducting research, developing a website, and marketing your site if you want to make more money online? How much time are you prepared to devote to exercise if you want to lose weight, and can you live without sweet and high-calorie foods? Allow me to give you an example of what sacrifice and paying for success means in this context.

There is a model, a stunning, thin, and seductive model. She won a model competition one day. As a result, a reporter ask her, “What is your favorite food?” The model then responds, “Oh, I love ice cream.” The answer was confusing because someone who likes sweet foods such as ice cream will not be as skinny as the model.

The reporter then ask her once more. “How often do you have ice cream in a month?” And do you know what was the model’s response? “It’s been more than ten years since I had ice cream,” she added. As you can see, this is a form of self-sacrifice. If you want to be “Successful“, you’ll have to pay for it. Success, is like building a house, it will not happen overnight. Everything takes time to mature. And the amount of effort you put in will affect the amount of time it takes to develop that house.

If you wanted to acquire an automobile that was more luxurious, you would have to spend more money on it. It’s the cost, you’ll have to pay for it. You must pay for the amount you choose. This is what sacrifice is all about. If one of your friends becomes very wealthy one day, it is because your friend put in a lot of time and effort to make more money.

Always, what you see is only the surface, what you see on your friend is that he is having a good time with all of the money he has made. You’ll never know how much he spent on his research. Maybe he works until the wee (early) hours of the morning every day. You won’t be able to tell. What you can be sure of is that he put a lot of time and effort into it.

Okay let’s look at a typical example before we talk of some big guys out there. When you see a duck swimming in a pond. All that is visible is the duck’s ability to swim very quickly in the water right? But did you know that to kick the water, the duck expends a lot of energy on its legs? Because its legs are submerged, this is what you can’t see. However, the duck makes a significant effort. As a result, keep in mind that success comes at a price. Success is a “Marathon”, not a “Sprint”. As a result, retain this key in your life and allow it to propel you to “Success“.

And lastly, now think of the big guys like, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and the rest of them. Also talk of atlethes, on like Cristaino Ronaldo, once a poor kid from Portugal, but currently the richest Footballer ever and the greatest Footballer of all time, talk along side Lionel Messi who started as nothing, but currently ruling the world of Football. Have you ever asked yourself how this guys started? what comes to your mind whenever you hear of such people, or even see them, probably in the TV I guess, not sure if everyone of us have seen them in person. I think the first thing, would be like, MEHN this guys are so Successful, Influential, Rich e.t.c… But do you know how they started? If you must know, they started like Me and you, some of them even started with no proper capital at hand, coming from poor background. But they knew if they must make it big, they must pay the “Price” they need to make “Sacrifices” put in effort, time, bear the pains, suffer the loss, they knew the formula, so they did it. Today look at them, what do you think they are enjoying? it’s all the product of their “Price and Sacrifice”.

Now I ask you, what price have you paid? or willing to pay, and what are the sacrifices you’ve made or willing to make for your Success? give this a second thought, do what is right if you really want to become Successful in life. And one more, Success is a “Marathon”, not a “Sprint”. As a result, retain this key in your life and allow it to propel you to “Success”. And as you go through this journey, never forget these two (2) things “Price and Sacrifice”.

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