Keys To Success: Control Your Emotions

As it stands, here is one of the keys you’ll require, if you’re longing for “Success“. All the keys to “Success” as mentioned in our previous articles are equally significant or rather important, but the one you should focus more on is, “Never Give Up” the order of it doesn’t really matter here. And also all of the other keys are crucial and you should also have them all.

You want to feel happy constantly. You want to feel comfortable at all time. Allow me to give you an example here of how important controlling your emotions are. Sit back and let Me tell you a nice story, I guess you’ll like it, Note: it’s still for our learning here and should be teaching you something in the process, listen to it and learn, not just laugh. There’s a father, who works in an insurance firm. One day he had been fired from his company, so he got into a very bad mood. When driving home, he meet the traffic jam. Been so angry, he kept on sounding his car’s horn, all of a sudden a different car hit his own car from the back. He noticed the hit, got out of his car, and started quarreling with the man who had hit his car, and after much talk, he went in and finally got home He sees his wife, didn’t talk to her, he just went straight away, ignored her got to the room and slammed the door. Now, the wife too is getting angry because her husband ignored her without any reasonable reason. The wife started ignoring the kids too. Then one of the kid threw some food on the floor and the wife gave that kid a slap on the face. Did the kid feel happy? Of course not, the kid moved out of the house, and saw a cat walking across, guess what the kid did? That kid kicked that poor cat. How you see, from the man to the wife to the kid, and as we see the misbehaviour just started with one of their kid, how about other kids, how would it be for them? Maybe worse than the first kid! Therefore you see the negative effect, having bad emotion is so powerful, and can make things go wrong very quick.

But on the other hand let’s say you’re happy all the time? You can imagine that your positive emotions will influence all the people around you. Are emotions important to us? Indeed Yes. All of our work is been influenced by our emotions. So what if you’re in a bad mood? Do you think that you can perform a perfect job if your emotion is bad at that time? If you want to be successful, especially for businessman, and women, you need to control your emotions. Why? Because you deal with other people all the time to have your business done. I’ll use one quick example here and that’s banking sector, did you notice how bankers attend to their customers in such a polite matter? I’ve discovered that even if a customer gets angry and starts having issues with the staff, instead of the staff acting same way too, in most cases they will rather apologize to the customer for doing absolutely nothing. Why do you think it’s so? Because if they don’t control their emotions, its impossible to get their business done in a nice and perfect way, and by the way, they’ll loose customers, come on, nobody wants that.

Another example is for network marketers, maybe a work from home or in an office setting. Every network marketer needs to be in contact with their customers all the time. And they get to face a lot of things, like insults most of the time. Do they insult back? No! Instead you hear words like “Please how may we help you” “Sorry Mr or Mrs _______ we are still working on it and deeply sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused you” e.t.c. e.t.c…. they act smart by controlling their emotions just to maintain their customers and even gain more. But if they can’t control their emotions by acting nice as if nothing is happening, all their customers will leave them within a period of time, and they may be thinking of folding or rather starting from scratch again, no smart businessman or woman wants that.

There are lots of draw backs in our life. And many people don’t know how to control their emotion to face their draw backs. We are humans, and have the ability to control our emotions. Why? Because we can control our thinking. And why can we control our thinking? Because we have the power of making our own decisions. But you must learn how to make the right decisions, decisions that falls to your favour and gives value to others. Talking about controlling your emotions, what should you do when you’re in a bad mood? As for Me, the first gone be funny but don’t laugh, maybe you can take a bath, sing songs, if you can’t sing, then listen rather, I think your favorite tracks will do well on this, take a walk, try not be alone, instead engage with friends and look for things that makes you happy and do them, ease yourself stress e.t.c. Just make yourself feel comfortable. You can even pretend to be happy when you are not, and never say or tell anyone that you’re upset or in a bad mood, this is true and will definitely help to make you happy again.

Some people said, when you’re down, try to smile and laugh more. The more you pretend to be okay the more it will come true, hmmmmm a kinda saying ????? To this, but I’ll accept it as to be working. But I strongly believe this is the same as every night, reviewing your goals of what you need to do, and dream about what kind of lifestyle you want. Your mind will get used it to become true, I can fully bet on this, as it works, even the first one works too. Smile more and laugh more, if you’re down, it helps bring positivity to you and make you feel better. And now you have it, the second greatest key to success, is bodly written above “Control Your Emotions” Don’t let your emotion control you. “Instead Control It” And as said earlier, you have the power of making decision, and should learn how to make the right decisions, decisions that falls to your favour and gives value to others. And always think positively and “Control Your Emotions” for your success.

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