How To Promote Books

How To Promote Your Books
How To Promote Books
  • Want More Book Sales?
  • Need More Readers?
  • Need More Exposure?

It is time for you to shine! Need to learn how to promote books online. This could not be any easier.

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How To Promote Books Online

Feeling like book sales are barely happening? Use TAPNET, the Author Promotion network to promote your books.

It is really simple. All the heavy lifting of writing and publishing your book is done. Now you just need more readers, reviews and book sales.

TAPNET, the author promotion network you get some really basic an effective methods to help promote your books online and through social media.

Using our network of authors and subscribers you will get exposure through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email!

Now is the time to leverage TAPNET so you can become a popular author. One popular well received book will help all your future releases.

#1 Way To Promote Books

The big difference in a successful publication is in the reviews. Let our network of subscribers do the leg work.

With TAPNET and all our followers we can influence many others to take notice of your book. Our audience grows daily and that leverage is exactly what you need. You will start by posting your book order page onto our Facebook Group. Then one of our expert readers will purchase and read your book then leave a well written authentic review. Our Amazon/Kindle account links directly to Good Reads. Our review is very effective as we have left 100s of reviews in the last few years giving our account authority in the space.

Get started today and have your book promotion queued up for a full authentic review. In addition to the review, we also write a real book summary and post it on our blog and then create dedicated email campaign to all our subscribers. This type of book promotion is unbeatable.

TAPNET Book Promotion

The Author Promotion Network
TAPNET Author Promotion
      • Book Purchase + Full Read Thru
      • 100% Authentic Book Review
      • Book Summary Blog Post
      • Dedicated Email Campaign
      • Social Media Promotion

      100% Guaranteed Effectiveness.

      Book Reading
      Full Book Reading

      Our book promotion service starts with an actual book purchase from your Amazon or Kindle book order page. We only review books we actually buy and read. This is a real authentic book review service. No BS fake book reviews.

            Book Review
            Authentic Book Review

            After one of our book readers does a full read thru of your book, we prepare key highlights and notes that will be used for your book review. These notes will also become part of the book summary. Each day we post these notes on our social media channels so our followers begin to receive key information about your book to create an interest and demand.

                  Blog Post
                  Dedicated Blog Post

                  Our key highlights and notes will also be used for your book summary. Part of the book promotion is a dedicated blog post that will summarize your book highlights similar to a movie trailer to create more interest. This blog post will invite the reader to click thru to your book order page on Amazon or Kindle.

                        Email Campaign
                        Dedicated Email Campaign

                        After your book is read, reviewed and summarized into a blog post we will create a dedicated email campaign. Using your book summary we will create a dedicated email newsletter to promote your book. This email will be delivered to our entire email subscriber list. This list is growing daily and will give you massive exposure.

                              Social Media Promotion

                              After your dedicated blog post is completed, it will be promoted to all our social media channels. These include our Facebook Page and Group, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

                                    Social Media Marketing
                                    Referral Program

                                    TAPNET has an extensive affiliate network. We incentivize our affiliates to assist in the promotion of our content. This added value is priceless and is included in the book promotion services.