4 steps to promote your books

4 Steps To Promote Your Books

You did all the heavy lifting of writing and publishing your book, now sit back and let the TAPNET Author Promotion network boost your book sales.

Our Book Promotion service is 10x better than any other method. It starts with your article posted on our website and linking to your book order page. Then we apply our 4 step book marketing plan that boost your traffic and book sales.

#1 Way To Promote Your Book

The big difference with a successful publication is in the reviews. Editorial book reviews establish credibility and competence in the publishing marketplace. They help set the tone for reader interaction and they are critical to your book’s success in today’s digital age of publishing.

Let our network of subscribers do the leg work for you! With the TAPNET Author Promotion program, we can influence many others to take notice of your book.

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#1 Way To Boost Book Sales!

Step 1: Submit Your Guest Post

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Guest Blog Post Article

The 1st step is starting with a Guest post your article on our blog. Who better to write and promote your book than yours truly. We intake your book promotion article and post it on our blog. Using our proven format of highly converting blog posts you get to leverage our expertise.

Your blog post call to action will lead interested readers to your book order page. Whether that is on your own website or on Amazon or Kindle. This type of do follow backlink will boost your book order ranking page over time.

In addition to the guest post our proven book promotion marketing plan will drive highly targeted traffic to your blog post creating a flood of interest in your book. The sooner you start the better it is for your book sales!

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Article Writing Service

Optionally you can request our writers to prepare key highlights and notes from your book and write a high quality book promotion article to guest post on our blog.

We do this by first purchasing your book and reading it cover to cover to prepare highlight notes. Our key highlight notes will be used for your book summary article. Part of the premium book promotion service includes a dedicated blog post that will summarize your book highlights, similar to a movie trailer and creating more interest. This blog post will link readers to click through to your book order page.

Step 2: Upgrade To Basic Plan

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Retargeted Campaigns

See increased sales and recognition with our effective and proven plan. Using our network of subscribers, you will get exposure through Google display network, email marketing and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Our established highly targeted audiences use Google display network and social media to retarget interested readers to visit your article. To create an audience like this requires skill, experience time and a lot of money. Leverage our audiences that are already done to drive traffic to your readers using highly targeted purchase intent keywords.

Step 3: Upgrade To Advanced Plan

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Dedicated Email Campaign

Included in our premium book promotion service is a dedicated email marketing campaign. Using your book summary we will create a dedicated email drip campaign to promote your book.

This email will be delivered to our existing and future subscribers while your campaign is active. There are currently over 2 dozen books promoted to our subscribers. Email drip campaigns run from 5-10 consecutive days for each book. The sooner your subscribe the sooner your book is added to the drip order. Get started today!

Promote your book on social media

Social Media Promotion

Subscribing to our premium service also offers a dedicated promotion to all our social media channels. These include our Facebook Page and Group, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Although social media is less effective than most methods we still participate and offer it. This includes a daily drip post to our channels which have an ever growing audience.

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Affiliate Network

All our subscribers and author network can join our affiliate program to assist in the promotion of our content. We truly believe in a rising tide raises all ships. Join our affiliate program and help promote your book and others as well.

Every premium subscription includes a dedicated affiliate marketing page for your book. This page displays banners to promote your book with pre-made HTML snippets that affiliates can copy and paste into their social media posts or onto their own blogs or websites. This adds more ranking power to your blog post that increases organic search traffic which drives more book sales for everyone!

This added value is priceless and is exclusively included in the book promotion program. Join our affiliate program and earn 25% recurring bonuses. on all book promotion services as well as our Success Secrets program.

Step 4: Premium Book Marketing Plan

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YouTube Video Book Review

With our premium book promotion your blog post will be converted into a custom YouTube video. Each video will receive enhanced Video SEO marketing to boost search ranking and views. Each video will contain links to your book review page. Visit our YouTube Channel to see samples.

Get your book featured on our home page for one month

Home Page Feature

Your book is featured on our home page for one month on the next available month.

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#1 Way To Boost Book Sales!

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