Greg Mckeown’s Effortless Book Review

Feb 9, 2022 | Self Development

There are actually ways you can achieve your goals without sacrificing your time with loved ones, hobbies, physical health, and even mental health. In Greg McKeown’s Effortless, he strategically shows how we can make the most important tasks of our lives also be the ones that require the least effort.

A lot of rewards come through hard work, that’s why lazy people cannot make it very far in life. But this strict focus on hard work has limited the mindset of many people, which has led the majority to believe that they can’t do much without sacrificing happiness.

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Understand your energy

What sign is your body giving you at a particular time or during a given task? If you find yourself pushing too hard to do something, your energy is not right for it at that time because you are using the wrong methods.

When you understand your energy, you will be able to do seemingly tough tasks in an easy way; which is Greg Mckeown’s Effortless is all about. 

At a moment when you are resting, your body and mind are in an effortless state. If you discover how to use this effortless state at the time you are also working, you will do a better job with less effort.

Change your mindset

Since we have been told many times that we must work so hard to achieve our goals, it is easy to gravitate towards the tough methods every time, but the hard way is never the only way.

For you to be able to use your effortless state to your working advantage, you need to modify your mindset. Instead of worrying about how hard a task is, use your energy to think of ways that you can make things easier. I promise you, when you start thinking of easier approaches to your tasks, you will definitely find them.

Know how to pair

This is one major hack that makes life easier and more enjoyable. When you have a lot of things to do, study all of them and carry out similar ones together. This will help you get a better flow of your work and increase your speed as well as your efficiency.

If you happen to be in a position where you are leading a team, this skill will make everyone’s life easier. All you have to do is pair workers with similar skills to work on a particular job or pair people who like a certain task to work together on it. The results will surprise you.

You can have fun while you work so you can take “effortless action”

Incorporating fun into your work is a nice way to reduce stress and enhance productivity, but you have to choose only the ones that will not be a distraction. Different people have their own unique ways of adding fun to enhance the output of work. What will be a motivational option for you might distract another person; you just need to find what works for you.

I’ve seen surgeons that like to operate on people while music is playing in the background, it helps them relax and perform better. So no matter how tough or sensitive your job is, you can make it enjoyable for yourself and your team.

Learn how to automate and get “effortless results”

You can get effortless results if you master how to automate activities, especially the ones that require daily repetition. Like most people, you probably set an alarm to wake you up every morning; which is a good example of an automaton and you can incorporate this in your work.

As per Greg Mckeown’s Effortless, you can take advantage of mobile apps (there is one for almost everything now), trackers, and any other machine that can help you automate things. This way, you will use little to zero effort to achieve better outcomes than people who don’t automate.

Practice preventive maintenance

You are probably asking yourself what maintenance has to do with effortless actions and goals, but it is a very important practice that will save you so much stress by preventing a problem before it happens. 

If you use machines at work, you will be as fast and effective as those machines, which is why you need to make sure that they are always in good condition. Routine checks by Engineers on the state of the machine, coupled with daily maintenance practices like dusting and keeping away from water will keep the machine in an excellent state.

The same way a well-maintained machine will ensure effortless action and results, you also need to maintain your team, your mindset, your health, your finances, your emotions, and everything that affects your life. With this hack, you will rarely have any obstructions to the effortless life ahead of you.

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