Deep Dive: Achieve Goals With A Full And Complete Guide

Rich Horwath
The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action

Deep Dive: Achieve Goals With A Full And Complete Guide

Deep Dive: Achieve Goals With A Full And Complete Guide

by Rich Horwath

Based on My IQ and what I could bring out of Me, I came to reaslise that formulating a goal is a positive beginning, but setting SMART goals and creating an “Smart Action Plan” to achieve them is a giant leap forward. So, what exactly is a SMART goal, you might wonder?


Timely Specific Measurable Action-Oriented Realistic

Let’s take a closer look at it. Here are some working definitions to help you better understand and implement “Goal Settings” and “Smart Action” to your life.


• Well defined

• Clear to anyone that has a basic knowledge of the project



• Know if the goal is obtainable and how far away completion is

• Know when it has been achieved


• Requires you take some action to reach the desired end


• Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time

Time Based

• Enough time to achieve the goal

Steps to Follow

Let’s look at some real-life examples of SMART!


The more specific your goal is, the more likely you are to achieve it. Remember in elementary school when we were taught the number five? Here they are once more!

Who is involved: Who is involved?

What: What do you hope to achieve?

Determine where you want to go.

When: Decide on a time frame.

Why: Specific reasons, objectives, or advantages of achieving the goal.

EXAMPLE: “Get in shape” is a too broad aim. “Purchase an exercise tape and workout 4 days a week from home for 30-45 minutes per day,” for example, would be a particular aim.


This is your before and after picture. Measure where you are today and provide tangible measures that will show you how successful you have been. Toll gates must always be in place so that you can track your progress toward your goal. When you track your progress, you can see how far you’ve come.

Stay on track, meet your deadlines, and feel the rush of accomplishment that motivates you to put in the extra effort needed to attain your goal. To make it easy to measure, try to quantify your goal(s).

Ask questions like as……

How much is it? How many are there? I’m not sure how I’ll know when it’s finished.


Once you’ve identified your most essential goals, you can start thinking about how to achieve them. You cultivate the attitudes, abilities, skills, and capacity necessary to achieve your goals. You start to recognize opportunities to get closer to your objectives.

When you plan your steps carefully and set a time frame that allows you to complete them, you can achieve almost any goal you set. Goals that looked far away and unattainable at first become closer and more reachable as you develop and expand to match them. When you make a list of your accomplishments,

You develop your self-image by setting goals. You cultivate the characteristics and personalities that enable you to possess them.


For a goal to be realistic, it must represent an objective that you are both willing and capable of achieving. A goal can be both ambitious and achievable; the only person who can decide how ambitious your goal(s) should be is you.

If you honestly feel you can achieve your objective, it is most likely achievable. Other approaches to decide if your objective is realistic are to see if you’ve done anything similar in the past or to ask yourself what conditions would have to exist in order to achieve your goal.


A goal should have a deadline attached to it. There is no sense of urgency since there is no deadline. When do you want to lose 15 pounds and by when do you want to lose it? Set a deadline for it, such as “by December 31st, 2021 and you’ve already set your mind to work on it, then be fast to take Action”.

Worksheet for Deep Dive and SMART Action and Goal Setting

Remember how I said it’s vital to make a list or write down your goals? Now is the time to write down your objectives based on the SMART criteria.

This is what I’d like you to do:

1. Using the SMART criteria, write down four goals. Make sure they’re specific, quantifiable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound. Additional sheets can be used for more goals if needed. But don’t go overboard; burnout is a certain method to assure you don’t get anything done.

2. Create a daily play-by-play, action plan, or whatever you want to call it for each goal. What will you do each day to assist you achieve your goal? This is crucial, because it will help you track your development.

3. Don’t give up if you get off track. Rethink your why; a strong enough why will last no matter what.

4. Find someone to hold you accountable! Find someone to help you stay on track. This person will serve as a motivator as well as a sounding board when you stray from the path.

5. Make this worksheet visible in a location where you can see it. Don’t bury your objectives. Make sure you can see it on a daily basis.

6. Lady in Balance, LLC’s Angela White suggests creating a dream poster. Clip photographs of your perfect life from publications (what your life will look like once your goals are achieved). Visualizing yourself achieving your objectives motivates you to keep on track.

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Deep Dive: Achieve Goals With A Full And Complete Guide

Deep Dive: Achieve Goals With A Full And Complete Guide

by Rich Horwath

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