Cuckoo Twin Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker Review

Jan 21, 2022 | Product Reviews

Decades ago, cooking used to be a lot of work. But now, we have all kinds of machines to make the kitchen work easier. The CUCKOO twin pressure induction heating rice cooker is one of such machines, and despite being an additional kitchen device, it is one that’s definitely worth having.

One of the best rice cooking machines in the market today is the twin pressure induction heating rice cooker from the famous CUCKOO Electronics brand. We recommend it because out of the many other rice cookers out there, this twin pressure induction heating rice cooker has met, and even exceeded all the expectations we had for a premium rice cooker. It has so many extra functions that will make your rice more delicious than you’ve ever had it before.   

What does ‘twin pressure induction heating’ mean?

This feature is what makes our favorite rice cooker so versatile. The word ‘twin’ refers to the two cooking modes available to you; Ultra high-pressure cooking and IH non-pressure cooking. Most rice lovers that use stove always have to stick with just one mode of heating or risk eating watery rice, but with the twin pressure induction heating rice cooker, you can have your rice fluffy and moist with the non-pressure cooking mode or you can use the high-pressure mode to enjoy sticky and chewy rice . . . literally the best of both worlds at any time you want.

More about the Cuckoo Twin Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker

This product weighs only 19.2 lbs. and comes with a measuring cup, a rice scooper, a steam plate, a cleaning pin, and a user manual that you should read thoroughly so as to understand how to use the rice cooker optimally.

Open cooking function

This machine was made to accommodate the cooking of all kinds of rice, not just plain white rice. It is common knowledge that fancy rice recipes require you to add ingredients into the pot as you cook the food, which is where this wonderful feature comes in.

Many rice cookers can only work when closed, so you can’t add ingredients to your pot during the cooking process, but not our favorite rice cooker! The open cooking function allows you to add extra ingredients while cooking. Your protein, vegetable, and every other topping can be added to your pot as you enhance the entire look and taste of the dish. 

Voice navigation

The twin pressure induction heating rice cooker is smart and uses voice navigation to work around with the special features. For example, when using the open cooking feature, the voice navigation instructs you to open the rice cooker when it’s time to do so. Another perk of using this machine is that the voice navigation feature works in three different languages; English, Korean and Chinese.  

Full stainless steel Inner pot

The Xwall black shine coated inner pot of this rice cooker was made to withstand intense heat and pressure, no wonder it has unmatched durability. That’s not all; the inner pot also has a 60-degree curve at the bottom edge which ensures that there is no friction and less resistance during cooking.

Easy to clean

You will really enjoy using Cuckoo twin pressure induction heating rice cooker because it is very easy to clean. Under normal circumstances, you are not even required to use soap when cleaning this machine because it has an auto-clean feature. At least once a month, use the auto-clean feature to maintain this device and enjoy maximum durability.

Fully customizable menu options 

Thanks to the multitude of functions in this rice cooker, you will be able to use more than 16 menu options that support the cooking of different rice and grain dishes. For leftovers, you can use the reheat feature to make it as good as the first time you cooked it. 

With the CUCKOO twin pressure induction heating rice cooker, your food will never get burnt. This is because there is a keep-warm function that ensures your food maintains a ready-to-eat condition. There are also different streaming options for you to use; so your rice cooker can serve as a steamer on either high-pressure or non-pressure settings.

Good for the family

While there are several sizes of the twin pressure induction heating rice cooker in the market, we recommend this one for the family because it can contain 10 cups; which is enough to satisfy the average household. 

On Amazon, you have guaranteed product security when you order this rice cooker. People from around the globe that have bought this item have left their honest and impressive reviews for you to see. 

When you start using the CUCKOO twin pressure induction heating rice cooker rice cooker, you will enjoy highly effective functionality, delicious meals, ease of use and overall value for your money.

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