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Using TAPNET Affiliate Network you can add your site for and get your website exposure to our massive network of affiliates. Leverage our network to get leads and boost your sales.

What You Get
  • Dedicated Affiliate Page
  • Monthly Viral Campaign
  • Uses our Social Channels
  • Uses Our Affiliate Network
  • Uses Your Landing Pages
  • Uses Your Checkout
  • Builds Your Audiences
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Our Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisified after 3 months, we will leave your program on our network and promote it for 3 additional months completely for free.

Boost Your Sales

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Adding your site is done very quickly and our network of affiliates will be notified within 1 business day.

When you add your site to TAPNET our network of 3000+ affiliates will begin to promote your landing pages.

Target By Location

Choose the location where you want your website promoted. Choose from Global, USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Russia, South America, Philippines, Africa or CAPITI Region.

What Happens Next

Add your site, select your GEO target, provide the ad copy for your headline and if you need banners designed. Your monthly viral ad campaign will launch within 1 business day.

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