Bad Ass At Making Money: Cultivating A Millionaire’s Mindset

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It has more to do with your thinking than anything else when it comes to becoming a millionaire. Read on to learn more

Does success occurs by chance? There are individuals who have actually stumbled onto success, but the most of those who achieve those heights did so after a long and difficult journey. In truth, the most have probably failed at more things than complete failures. Despite all of their obstacles, they were able to prevail in the end. It’s all in the mindset.



The Millionaire’s Mindset

Let’s look at what the majority of these successful people have in common. Let’s take a look at the route they took to get to their goal. Let’s take a look at the attitudes they had as they confronted hurdles along the way. Their strategies are strikingly similar.

The first thing these folks have is a clear and concentrated idea of where they want to go. They have a clear idea of where they want to end up. They recognize their own worth and see how they might best use it to assist others. And the knowledge that their worth must help others in order for them to succeed is a rare trait in and of itself. I tell you these folks have something to say and know who to say it to.

These folks are more concerned with the end result than with the journey. They recognize that their attempts will fail more frequently than they would want, and that even those that do succeed will likely yield disappointing outcomes. Consider success as a question of pure probability. If one out of every 50 efforts results in success, the remaining 49 will result in failure. You might strike it rich the first time you try. However, you could attempt 40 different things and still fall short of your goal.

Be Determined

Determination is the attribute we’re talking about. “Determination and Concentration“. These folks have an unquenchable desire to arrive at their final destination and will go to any length to do so. Indeed, I’ve failed far more times than I ever dreamed I could, but I’m still trying new things and making progress. Did I arrive at my destination just yet? Certainly not. But I’m learning every day and coming closer to my goal by the minute.

Failures aren’t seen as failures by successful people. They indeed see them as lessons they must master in order to get at their desired destination. Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great. A millionaire-in-the-emotional making’s rollercoaster can be brutal, and the money rollercoaster isn’t much better. The ability to get back up and attempt new things over and over again is what ultimately distinguishes those who succeed from those who fail.

It takes a long time to develop a millionaire’s mindset. You can’t move from complete failure-avoidance to complete failure-acceptance in a single day. It’s a gradual process, one step, after another. Start with a simple project. Don’t take too many chances. Check to see if you receive any results. Then try something different, maybe something a little more ambitious, and see how it goes. After a while, you grow used to it and it all becomes a little easier.

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