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Author Book Reviews
9 Book Marketing Tactics That Most People Do Incorrectly

Our Book Reviews are 10x better than an ordinary review. We purchase, read and prepare a full book summary! The summary is published on our blog and promoted through our network of thousands of subscribers. Queue your book up for success today!

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A book only sells well with strong reviews. Editorial book reviews establish your credibility and competence. They help buyers take action and are critical to your book’s success in today’s competitive publishing marketplace.

But getting enough reviews to inspire purchases can take a long time.

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How Book Reviews Work

Book Reading
Full Book Reading

Our book promotion service starts with an actual book purchase from your Amazon or Kindle book order page. We only review books we actually buy and read. This is an authentic book review service by real humans. No Fake Reviews!

Book Review
Book Review Summary

After a full read-through of your book, we prepare notes and key highlights that we use for your book review. We also use these notes to write a book summary that helps readers see the value in your book right away. By posting these notes on our social media channels, all current and new subscribers will receive key information about your book, creating interest and demand.

Blog Post
Dedicated Blog Post

We also use your book’s key highlights and notes for a book summary blog post. The TAPNET Author Promotion Program includes a dedicated blog post that will summarize your book highlights and drive interest in your book. This blog post will directly link readers to your book order page on Amazon or Kindle. Our blog posts go out to a network of thousands of subscribers, exposing your book to a ready-made audience.

Referral Program

TAPNET has an extensive affiliate network. We incentivize our affiliates to assist in the promotion of our content. This added value is priceless for new authors and is exclusively included in the Author Promotion Program. Authors and Readers can Join our affiliate program and earn 25-50% recurring bonuses by promoting our featured books.

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Boost Your Book Sales!
How To Market Your Book
#1 Way To Market Books Online
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We'll help you boost your book sales!

Recent Book Reviews

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude- Napoleon Hill

It is often said that a bad attitude is like a flat tire and you can't go anywhere until you fix it. There is nothing but the truth in that statement, so a good attitude is non negotiable for you. There are many ways to succeed, but none of them will really work if...

Habits of Love: Daily Self-care

In these days of difficult economic situations, it is easy to put love aside while catering to daily obligations at work or school. It is also possible that you have postponed doing something that will help you love yourself more, but it does not have to be so....

The Art of Saying No: by Damon Zahariades

Do you find it hard to stand your ground? Is it difficult for you to say no when faced with a request? Even when you gather the courage to say no, do you end up feeling bad about it?  If you answered yes to the questions above, then you just might be a people pleaser,...

Limitless by Jim Kwik Book Review

Jim Kwik is an expert on matters relating to brain performance, so this book written by him is highly recommended for people who want to bring out the best in themselves. If you feel you can do more but find yourself constantly lagging behind, this book and the...

Leverage your expertise by Alina Vincent

Leverage your expertise involves taking the advantages of your talents beyond your own business. From this book, you will understand how you can use online courses and other similar options to give your business the boost it needs, while impacting knowledge in other...

Indistractable: how to control your attention and choose your life

If you want to make the best out of your time, you need to master how to control your attention. Distraction is a major issue for many people chasing their goals at different stages of life, so the need for this book cannot be overemphasized.   Indistractable author...

Thibaut Meurisse’s Productivity Beast Review

Thibaut Meurisse’s Productivity Beast is an eye opener to what you need to do in order to make yourself very productive in life. The author takes his time to shed light on the core steps you should take, even if it means temporarily sacrificing your personal comfort....

Greg Mckeown’s Effortless Book Review

There are actually ways you can achieve your goals without sacrificing your time with loved ones, hobbies, physical health, and even mental health. In Greg McKeown’s Effortless, he strategically shows how we can make the most important tasks of our lives also be the...

“Teach Your Expertise” by Alina Vincent

Online classes have been around for as long as we’ve had mobile internet devices, but after the covid-19 the lockdown in 2020, it became more popular. Thanks to the benefits people got from it, we can boldly say online classes are here to stay. So how can you get...

The Entrepreneur Code: The Habits of Creators Review

The journey of an entrepreneur is a long and quite challenging one, but with the right tools and a great team, the challenges will be easily surmounted. There are certain things you need to do if you want to make it big as an entrepreneur, and this is what Ray Brehm’s...
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