TAPNET Affiliate Marketing Network

Why Use Affiliate Marketing Networks?

Affiliate Marketing Networks are the ideal method to promote any product or service online.  Our flat monthly fee removes the risk from consuming your entire advertising budget on a few pay per click ads.  Affiliate Marketing Network by TAPNET offers some unique benefits.  We offer Unlimited Leads, Free Backlinks and a monthly social signals campaign designed to boost social insight ranking.

Direct Website Traffic

Our affiliate program exists from thousands of global affiliates and is growing daily. Joining the TAPNET Affiliate Network will increase website traffic that increases sales!  Never worry about cick fraud again. Our affiliates send traffic directly to your own existing landing pages. Use your own existing checkout process and traffic analytics.  No messy setups or need to add conversion code or scripts of any kind.  Use existing Analytics software to report on website traffic.  Web traffic arrives directly to existing landing pages.  Continue building and own your remarketing audiences.

Flat Fee Program

TAPNET Affiliate Network is offered at a flat monthly fee. Get unlimited leads, free backlinks, social signals and much more. We can work with the CPA  commission rate per sale as well. For CPA Marketing your website will require an affiliate program software installed to track conversions.  Nothing else changes, our program is still a flat monthly fee, but we will send traffic to  an affiliate URL to your software.

Some Benefits Include:

  • No Click Fraud
  • Uses Your Own Checkout Page
  • Uses Your Own Landing Pages
  • Builds Your Audience for Remarketing
  • Featured on our Social Media
  • Hosted Banners
  • Featured On Affiliate Programs Page
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Free BackLinks
  • Monthly Social Signals Campaign


What Is Affiliate Marketing Network

Affiliate Marketing Network Meaning

Affiliate Marketing Networks have been around since the 1990s. Many websites like Amazon grew by having affiliates refer customers.  As affiliates placed links on their web page to refer customers, Amazon acquired new customers very quickly.  For each customer referral Amazon pays a bonus to the affiliate as a referral bonus. This type of referral system allowed Amazon to grow quickly without the need for a large advertising budget. This method of advertising is also called Cost Per Aquisition (CPA).  TAPNET is a CPA network with many affiliate programs that affiliates can promote. Affiliates earn referral bonuses much like on the Amazon Associates program.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing program are the most desired opportunity online today. It levels the playing field becasue each person can now earn a share of the revenue.  There are over 1 billion websites online and each has the ability to refer visitors to an online store. The most common purpose of a website is to create content to educate or promote products or services. The goal of the content is to prime the visitor to click through.  When the visitor clicks through to a landing page there is an opportunity to generate a sale. TAPNET Affiliate Marketing Program allows affiliates to promote products and services very easily. Affiliate Marketing is the fastest growing industry online.  More busineses are turning to this platform to increase website traffic and generate customer sales.